From Iceland — The Grapevine's New Music Picks: Power Paladin, Salóme Katrín and Pale Moon

The Grapevine’s New Music Picks: Power Paladin, Salóme Katrín and Pale Moon

Published January 14, 2022

The Grapevine’s New Music Picks: Power Paladin, Salóme Katrín and Pale Moon
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Art Bicnick

Iceland’s newest pandemic restrictions, announced today, mean that that we’re unlikely to be going out to see bands any time soon. So here are a few excellent new tunes to see us all though yet more domestic confinement.

These little beauties—and so many more brought to you by The Grapevine over the past twelve months—are available in our New Music Picks 2021-22 playlist.

Power Paladin – Creatures Of The Night

If you think that you’re not into Icelandic metal, former Grapevine cover stars Power Paladin may give you pause for thought. While the scowly, growly approach of the death, black and extreme sub-genres might prevail here—perhaps a harsh landscape nurtures harsh music—Power Paladine’s debut album ‘With The Magic Of Windfyre Steel’ owes much more of a debt to  a purer, more classic form of heavy metal. The force of The Maiden is strong in this one.

“Creatures Of The Night” is a fine example of Paladine’s power rock: all galloping drums, sparkly clean vocals and foot-on-monitor guitar. Oh, and oodles of mythical references. This focus track from their self-produced debut album ‘With The Magic Of Windfyre Steel’, (released last week), comes complete with an amazing animated video in which the band transform into cartoon heroes to do battle with some creatures of the night, (natch). More power to the Paladine elbow for not just going with the scowly, growly flow. JP

Salóme Katrín – The Other Side

This new track starts off sounding like another wistful acoustic indie track, with plaintive guitar and fragile vocals. Don’t be fooled: this is all a set-up. After the first minute, the track drops into a heavy rock explosion of joy. This was apparently the intended effect, as the artist herself describes the track as “a bedroom party, jumping on the bed and singing into your hairbrush”. The transformation isn’t jarring but liberating, and ends with an a capella coda heard from the point of view of someone leaving the room and closing the door behind them. Do these track elements signal a departure for the artist? Only time will tell. ASF

Pale Moon – Clown

This ethereal slither of dream-pop should soften any hash focus on which life might currently insist, at least for four minutes. Árni Gudjonsson, former Of Monsters And Men key-tinkler, and Siberian-born Nata drift and shimmer through lush sonic mists, flirting with the sound of kindred spirits Cigarettes After Sex and Beach House while remaining true to themselves. Their debut album should emerge this year; this bodes well. JP

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