From Iceland — Grapevine Playlist: Lions, Dog Runs And Some Eerie Minimalistics

Grapevine Playlist: Lions, Dog Runs And Some Eerie Minimalistics

Published September 4, 2020

Grapevine Playlist: Lions, Dog Runs And Some Eerie Minimalistics
Valur Grettisson

Supersport! – Dog Run (EP)

Just what the summer needed: a shiny new EP from Reykjavík’s most charming indie pop group. All four band musicians are active members in post-dreifing, an anarchic grassroots music collective that we couldn’t be bigger fans of here at the Grapevine. The record is jam-packed with lo-fi fun and wholesome ethics. Just give it a listen, you won’t regret it. PA

Elín Ey – Ljósið ✓

Bouncy and groovy, Elín Ey’s newest single is quality listening. Aside from its good vibes, its lyrical message comes just in time for Pride, with the simple but true hook: “I can be myself, you can be yourself, and they can be themselves.” NB

Annalísa – 00:01 (EP) ✓

Annalísa’s first EP is a heartfelt work with beautiful Icelandic vocals, provided by a soft yet strong voice and accompanied by a musical fusion of acoustic sounds and synths. Like a mix between lullabies and a movie soundtrack. CM

Holdgervlar – Eiturveitur ✓

This eerie minimalistic track is Holdgervlar’s first release under the newly launched Myrkfælni record label, and what a great start! The pair are our favourite Icelandic post-goth darkwave duo (believe me there was some stiff competition for the title). Check out the music video if you’re not a fan of sleeping soundly. PA

Oscar Leone – Lion ✓

With a nice beat and a distinct summer holiday feel, Oscar’s third single radiates the uplifting yet chill vibes of easygoing indie rock. In his newest song he perfectly balances acoustic and electric soundscapes and invites listeners to sing along. CM

Tómas Welding – Go The Distance ✓

Between Tómas’s melodic tenor vocals and steady, rhythmic instrumentation, this recent hit is both engaging and relaxing. Its balanced nature and fun sound make it an ideal addition to a road trip playlist. NB

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