From Iceland — Track By Track: 'Minn Almáttugur' By GDMA

Track By Track: ‘Minn Almáttugur’ By GDMA

Published December 30, 2019

Track By Track: ‘Minn Almáttugur’ By GDMA
Hannah Jane Cohen
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Nicola Lamburov

GDMA—the duo of Gabríel Werner Guðmundsson and Dagur Snær Elísson—serve up eclectic, inspiring hip-hop, perfect for parties or long drives through the winter snow. To learn more, we sat down with the artists to chat about their newest album, ‘Minn almáttugur,’ track by track.

‘Minn Almáttugur’ (‘My Almighty’) is about not giving a damn what the haters say and always believing in yourself. If our music can influence younger fans and we can deliver some message to them with a good vibe, then our goal is achieved.

Dínamít (‘TNT’):

Our main mission here is to show our haters that we don’t care. The concept of ‘Minn Almáttugar’ is being different and most of our songs are very unalike. Some people like it, others don’t. People will always hate if you’re doing better than them. It’s always fun to hear people talking negatively about the things/music you are making because then you know they are watching and listening. Keep doing you, baby!

Breyta mér (‘Change Me’):

Don’t trust anyone who tries to change you. You are who you are and you should know your own value. Don’t be a people pleaser and take pride in your personality. If people can’t take you as you are, move on. They are not worth your time.

Peninga (‘Money’):

“Peninga” is about how we are focused more on working hard than on partying every weekend. It’s no secret that we like money, and sometimes you have to sacrifice nights out with friends to follow your dreams.

Seint eftir 12 (‘Late After Twelve’):

This song is about the balance between our lives and music criticism. We know that people will talk behind our backs but sometimes things can change those who hate into those who love.

Gleyma þér (‘Forget About You’):

History. The past. Yesterday. If the past hurts, if there are events that have affected you emotionally, deal with them and move forward! You don’t heal by staying in the past. It may take time, but so be it.

Ég veit þú veist (‘I Know You Know’):

Sometimes it’s ok to get lost and not know what path you’re taking in life. Not feeling enough, feeling down—depression and anxiety should not be taboo. It’s ok to talk about your emotions. It doesn’t make you weak!

It’s up to you to define the hook and the bridge. It could be talking about God, your ex-girl/boyfriend, or even yourself. It never seems to have the same meaning twice. It depends on how you’re feeling each time you listen to it.

Skiptir ekki máli (‘Does Not Matter’):

It doesn’t matter where you’re from, who you are, or where you are going, this song reminds you to take care of yourself. Put yourself first, keep your head held high, and don’t lose yourself in doubt. Success does not happen overnight. It’s like a rollercoaster of emotions. Be yourself always and forever!

Kominn með nóg (“I Have Had Enough’):

The song was added as a small spice. It’s a good party song with a nice drop. The lyrics are a bit silly—it’s about how we want this girl to leave us alone because we are not interested in flirting with her. We like the vibe of it.

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