What The Hell Is Post-dreifing? An A-Z Guide To The DIY Music Scene

What The Hell Is Post-dreifing? An A-Z Guide To The DIY Music Scene

Published July 10, 2019

What The Hell Is Post-dreifing? An A-Z Guide To The DIY Music Scene
Rex Beckett

The Post-dreifing scene has so much going on, it can be hard to find your bearings. To get you started, here’s a rough guide to the main players, bands, venues and events that make up the collective.

A keyboard-mashing lo-fi trio, and Kraumur Music Awards winner. Their album ‘Örvæntið Ekki!,’ or ‘Don’t Despair!’, came out in 2018

bagdad brothers 
The breakthrough indie band from the Post-dreifing scene. This duo is the current holder of the ‘Best Live Band’ Grapevine Music Award. 

The collective’s primary outlet for selling music is post-dreifing.bandcamp.com

Levelling up from Do It Yourself, the modus operandi of Post-dreifing is Do It Together. More hands make light work.

Compilation series of Post-dreifing artists and collaborators. The third edition is expected soon.

Lo-fi all-girl indie-rock trio who were named the ‘One To Watch’ at the Grapevine Music Awards earlier this year. A new album, ‘Í Glimmerheimi,’ came out recently

Gyðjan Uxi 
Every indie label needs a weird Casio-core chip-tune/auto-tune alt-pop star. Right?

The Post-dreifing collective’s annual countryside festival, happening each July in different rural locations.

One-to-watch. IDK IDA is an impressive, fast-rising electronica-and-voice musician who uses found sounds in her productions.

A poet who has published three books as part of the collective. She has done readings at notable events like the Women’s Strike.

Solo project of Milkhouse frontwoman Katrín Helga Ólafsdóttir. Synthy indie pop with cute emo feels and quirky melodies.

Korter í flog 
Thrashy, trashy, sludgy rock ‘n’ roll band with a big live reputation. Released albums in 2017 and 2019.

A visual artist who works on Post-dreifing’s visuals, among other things.

Lovely Great Time 
The one-day festival from which the collective was born.

Dreamy, soaring indie rock five-piece pre-dating the collective by a few years, bringing back 2009 krútt vibes in a big way.

The name of the mail distribution company from which the Post-dreifing world-play was born. Lawsuit pending, probably.

The not-for-profit downtown venue that’s a touchstone of this insurgent scene. You can find many Post-dreifing bands playing there from week to week. 

High-energy, adrenalised, mashed-up, genre-defying act that sounds like Atari Teenage Riot’s energy-drink-swilling runaway child.

The first act to be released by Post-dreifing. Released an album, ‘Skoffín bjargar heiminum,’ or “Skoffín saves the world,” in early 2019.

In-your-face feminist art-punk band who are shouting down the patriarchy and giving zero fucks. Still waiting on a first release, so catch them live.

Shoegazey bedroom chamber pop that feels like The Durutti Column and The Dream Academy smashed together. Should definitely score a movie.

Banging, explosive, playful sequencer experiments and noisy beats. Their first release, ‘Bamboozle Gobbledygook’, features collabs with a bunch of Post-dreifing mates.

Tucker Carlson’s Jonestown Massacre 
A prolific but reclusive artist releasing a steady stream of interesting and diverse new music, including a 15-track album in 2018, and a 14-track follow-up, ‘1989,’ earlier this year.

Read more about the Post-dreifing scene here.

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