From Iceland — Track By Track: AdHd - AdHd7

Track By Track: AdHd – AdHd7

Published June 11, 2019

Track By Track: AdHd – AdHd7
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AdHd are an acclaimed genre-destroying four-piece group that started in 2008, comprising saxophonist Óskar Guðjónsson, guitar and bass player Ómar Guðjónsson, pianist Davíð Þór Jónsson, and percussionist Magnús Trygvason Eliassen. Since then, they’ve released seven free-flowing albums with elements of jazz, post-rock, improvisation and more. We asked them to talk us through their latest: ‘AdHd7.’ “The album was recorded and mixed in Göteborg, Sweden at Svenska Grammofonstudion by Mr. Ívar Ragnarson,” they say, “and mastered in Eastside mastering in Berlin by Götz-Michael Rieth.”

Hangir is the song that we worked on first; we had played it live for a few months before we recorded it. Being the first song we worked on together it kind of set the tone for the recording session.

This is the first song in the history of the band where the Hammond organ plays the main theme, which is kind of weird because we have been using the organ for about a million years. Bacalao is a great dish. Recommended. The song is dedicated to our main man, double bass player and bacalao aficionado Tómas R. Einarsson. 

Dolos is the first musical idea that Tómas came up with after he moved to Þorlákshöfn but the idea was taken apart and now there is nothing left of the original idea. A dolos is a reinforced concrete block in a complex geometric shape, used in great numbers as a form of coastal management. 

Gripagaur is the Icelandic word for “cowboy.” This lonely cowboy lives in space and is very high on valium, lost all his cows in a galactic war and is very lonely. 

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The song is about Óskar’s frustration; his younger brother was sent to an art teacher/art class but poor Óskar was by that time considered to be too old to take part in the seminar. 

Stulli is a word that is both a person’s name and some form of lingo, meaning crazy fun, a lot of fun, etc. This track is a keyboard riff driven, rock influenced crazy fun time tune. 

Róró were two songs that became one. Ró translates as peace. It’s a soothing song. 

Tindlingur is an old Icelandic word meaning “small cigar.” But this song is about all the Tinder-swiping hunters of our modern society. 

This song was supposed to be very up-beat but ended up as a slow ballad. The final outcome is two takes cut together, one starting straight after the other.

AdHd’s ‘AdHD7’ is out now on Spotify and Apple Music. Visit AdHd’s website at for further info. Read more Track by Tracks here.

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