Siri, Where In Reykjavík To Watch Hatari's Eurovision Triumph?

Siri, Where In Reykjavík To Watch Hatari’s Eurovision Triumph?

Published May 14, 2019

Siri, Where In Reykjavík To Watch Hatari’s Eurovision Triumph?
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As you may have picked up if you’ve looked at the internet today, Hatari compete in the Eurovision Song Contest semi-final tonight. But where to watch it?

There are plenty of options. If you’re a homebody, you can watch it on the official site of Icelandic public broadcasting, RÚV. Before deciding what snacks to get for your home viewing, consider Ísbúðin Valdís, who are offering 2 litres of ice cream and six black Hatari-themed cones for only 2,990 ISK. If you truly hate yourself, you can also go to McDonald’s facsimile Metro and buy eight cheeseburgers and a large order of fries for 3,500 ISK. In addition, you can get 40% off any takeaway pizza on Eldsmiðjan’s menu if you order it online or through their app using the code HATARI.

But for those who want to venture out and enjoy the glitz, glamour, and inevitable fall of capitalism under the weight of its contradictions, here are some places in Reykjavík you could check out.

Bíó Paradís is offering free admission to watch the competition on the big screen, with unspecified specials at the bar. No word on whether this includes pint glasses festooned with spiked leather collars. Döðlur will also host a HATRIÐ clothing line pop-up. Taking down capitalism is, we’re told, “an expensive business.”

Lebowski Bar is offering a Eurovision special, wherein you can get a cheeseburger, fries and small drink for only 1,500 ISK. You can switch the soft drink for a beer and take the price to 2,000 ISK, or you can get jalapeno poppers, onion rings or “mozzarella” sticks for 1,000 ISK. 20% off if you can summarize Marx’s labour theory of value in 50 words or less.

Do you need to drink while watching Eurovision? Perfectly understandable; no judgement here. If that’s the case, you might do well to go to Grandi Mathöll, where a number of bars will be offering drink specials while screening the competition. In the heart of downtown, you can also get cheap drinks at Den Danske Kro while they show the competition on the big screen.

Read more about Hatari at Eurovision here.

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