Artist Playlist: Classics, Insects & Moves To Kill For With Sillus

Artist Playlist: Classics, Insects & Moves To Kill For With Sillus

Published April 30, 2019

Artist Playlist: Classics, Insects & Moves To Kill For With Sillus
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Therese Precht Vadum

If you missed the debut EP by sillus last Christmas, you fucked up. A master collaborator who pops up regularly, with everything from her DIY punk band BSÍ to the Kórus choir or as a vocalist on Örvar Smárson’s debut solo record. Her first steps as a solo artist reveal an intriguing and promising new voice. Here are some Icelandic tracks that inspire her.

Gus Gus – Ladyshave
Ladyshave is a classic. It‘s one of those nostalgic songs from my late childhood and reminds me of the great era of the Pottþétt CDs and PoppTV (RIP!) and dancing and singing in my room after school.

Mr. Silla – Breathe
This song does something to me. It makes me happy and kind of melancholic at the same time, in a good way! I cringe with satisfaction over the repetitive looped choir that is non-stop throughout the whole song. Something only a Mr. Silla can achieve!

Sunna – Art of History
Sunna is one of my top favourite current artists at the moment. She recently released this song with a music video. I just want to listen to it on repeat forever and ever and ever and ever!

bagdad brothers – brian eno says: quit your job
I‘m eternally amazed by this band. They are such humble and sweet souls. They‘ve got a way of making catchy feel-good songs. And Bjarni—oh boy, he‘s got moves to kill for! Also; BIG LOVE to their post-dreifing collective work (heart emoji)!

GRÓA – Insects
GRÓA is the coolest band in town! These girls are extremely empowering and energetic performers. When the song goes “Insects! they keep ruuuunning”—I have so many questions. Like, how big are the insects? How fast do they run? This will haunt me for the rest of my life.

sideproject – EVIL MADNESS
I have no words! Just listen to this madness. Close your eyes, bob your head, move your inner organs and watch the video to feel trippy (yes, all at the same time).

Gangly – Fuck With Someone Else
Gangly started out as quite the secretive project a few years ago. The release of this first song of theirs was a big mystery. Gives me the chills everytime I listen to it. I need more Gangly in my life!

Hermigervill – Solitare
I‘d say a big chunk of my musical upbringing (apart from listening intensely to Spice Girls, Írafár and Destiny’s Child) comes from this guy, who, incidentally, is also my big bro. This song feels like the rise of springtime in Iceland—that is, if spring ever comes!

Hear the ‘dapply’ EP from sillus here. Read our last interview with her here.

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