From Iceland — Grapevine Playlist: New Music From Kristín Anna, Högni, MIMRA & More

Grapevine Playlist: New Music From Kristín Anna, Högni, MIMRA & More

Published April 12, 2019

Grapevine Playlist: New Music From Kristín Anna, Högni, MIMRA & More

Like a sudden flurry of shooting stars entering your house through an open window, here are the latest cosmic emissions from the scene—it’s your weekly new music update.

Kristín Anna – I Must Be The Devil
Kristín Anna Valtysdóttir, the artist formerly known as Kría Brekkan, has been on the Reykjavík music scene since múm became a breakout success. This accomplished chamber pop album comes after a long break, and it was worth the wait. JR

Högni – Paradísarmissir
The dulcet-toned Högni returns with an ode to love that’s both simple and grand in scale. He croons softly through this one, over a delicate piano melody that unfolds into a memorable orchestral string arrangement. JR

Janus Rasmussen – Green Wine
While his partner in Kiasmos, Ólafur Arnalds, takes a lap of the some of the world’s best concert halls, Janus Rasmussen has kept himself busy. His solo album—‘Vín’—is a continuation of the Kiasmos brand of atmospheric, low-key electronica that has a certain sun-kissed feel. JR

Junius Meyvant – New Waves
Like a time-capsule of analogue 1970s soul-pop comes Junius Meyvant’s “New Waves.” It might not have a single drop of anything new in it—it could just as easily be a dusty charity shop vinyl find as a Spotify playlist discovery—but that doesn’t stop it from being an enjoyable few minutes of musical nostalgia. JR

Tumi Árnason / Magnús Tryggvason Eliassen – Perfect Animal
Begining with little more than a few idle notes played on what sounds like a pan flute this masterpiece of raw sounding, improvised jazz quickly turns it up to 11. “Perfect Animal” comes at you like a hurricane, with an erratic energy that fades away just as quickly as it came. Check out the album on Bandcamp. SD

Snorri Helgason – Við Strendur Mæjorka
Meaning, roughly translated, “By the Coast of Majorca,” Snorri’s latest is seemingly an ode to getting the hell out of this sub-Arctic wilderness and going on your holidays. And, during a grey April day in Iceland, who would argue with that? JR

MIMRA – Vindurinn
If you’ve been spending your winter desperately searching for an upbeat Portishead b-side sung by a classically-trained chanteuse, grab a glass a pinot and rejoice. In true MIMRA style, ‘Vindurinn’ (‘The Wind’) is a stirring, ethereal, and sensual tune. A perfect way to welcome spring. HJC

Jónas Sig – Milda Hjartað
A medley that layers folky vocals with great instrumentals that make you want to stomp your feet, or go on a road trip, perhaps both. As always with Jónas Sig, the lyrics carry a powerful message with subtle political undertones. The highlight is definitely the guitar interlude that reminds you of classic 70s American rock. AU

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