From Iceland — Grapevine Playlist: Bjarki, Mighty Bear, Örmagna, Kælan Mikla, Sunna & More

Grapevine Playlist: Bjarki, Mighty Bear, Örmagna, Kælan Mikla, Sunna & More

Published March 11, 2019

Grapevine Playlist: Bjarki, Mighty Bear, Örmagna, Kælan Mikla, Sunna & More

Like seventeen huge, gleaming icicles breaking off simultaneously and smashing into iridescent fragmented gems, here are the latest frigid emissions from Iceland’s frozen winter music scene complied into one playlist.

Mighty Bear – Burt (Acoustic)
Mighty Bear presents a bare rendition of ‘Burt’ from their 2018 EP ‘Einn.’ The video, which shows the normally masked performer fresh-faced, is overwhelmingly intimate. Showcasing their emotive voice, it’s at once expressive, frail and shrouded with a visceral air of tragedy. Hopefully this is just a taste of what to expect off the artist’s upcoming second EP. HJC

Bjarki – Happy Earthday
Renegade producer and 2018 Grapevine cover star Bjarki’s new album is enjoyably diverse and eccentric. Not one to shy away from doing whatever the hell he likes at any given moment, Bjarki has shaken off the shackles of the techno genre and turned in an imaginative, energetic and engaging nature-inspired LP that freewheels all over the electronica map. JR

Örmagna – Örmagna
This year is looking bright for Icelandic black metal, with nearly all of the country’s finest planning new releases. Heading this second wave is Örmagna, or ‘Exhaustion,’ and their self-titled debut offers just that: a 40+ minute exploration of pure joylessness. This is black metal as it should be—horrific in the most enticing way. One to watch. HJC

TKAFARP—or, the artist formerly known as Rex Pistols—unveils an album-length collection under her new DISCIPLINE moniker. It’s a heavy, gloomy, 80s-influenced sequence of lo-fi coldwave goth-pop compositions to be filed next to TR/ST and Austra. It could use a max & master, but the songs are catchy as hell. JR

Sunna – Art Of History
Former Bloodgroup vocalist Sunna takes further steps as a solo artist. ‘Art of history’ is a choppy, uneasy electronic track that builds patiently. Sunna’s vocals feel more assured and confident than before. It’s the first track from a forthcoming new EP: keep ‘em peeled. JR

Sinmara – Crimson Stars
Sinmara’s sophomore effort, ‘Hvísl Stjarnanna,’ comes out on March 8th, but this slow-burn teaser track should keep you satiated for now. One of Iceland’s more grandiose black metal acts, Sinmara’s ‘Crimson Stars’ takes a relatively upbeat approach to the genre. With deep vocals and surprisingly zealous drums, it’s a new road for them, and one we’re following.HJC

Kælan Mikla – Draumadís
Iceland’s premier witchcore collective Kælan Mikla celebrate their new-found popularity with a cool video in which vocalist Laufey Soffía is first levitated by her bandmates, then gets her heart pulled out by bassist Margrét Rósa. KALI MAAAAAA. JR


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