From Iceland — Artist Playlist: Dadykewl’s Top 5 Unconscious Inspirations

Artist Playlist: Dadykewl’s Top 5 Unconscious Inspirations

Published January 7, 2019

Artist Playlist: Dadykewl’s Top 5 Unconscious Inspirations
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Singer and producer Dadykewl’s signature is that of positivity and good vibes. Serving up everything from introspective trap to feel-good party bangers, his most recent album, ‘Klámstjarna,’ was a favourite among Reykjavík hip-hop heads this year. He is also one half of Sama-Sem with BNGRBOY.

For this version of ‘Dadykewl’s Top 5,’ I am inviting you on a journey that started maybe 16 years ago, when my brain began to recognise melodies,” he says. “These are the Icelandic songs that I have been humming with or without consent ever since I first heard them. Each has something that just busts up your stupid brain and makes you sing and, to be honest, each has probably had some sort of inspiration on my music… probably? Well, here they are: Dadykewl’s Top 5 Unconscious Inspirations, in no particular order.

GusGus – ‘Arabian Horse’

The first time I recognised GusGus as the greatest band of all time was at a festival in Vestmannaeyjar. Seeing them was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Shortly after, I saw Daníel Ágúst at Kaffibarinn and told him that he’s dope. Then I ran away in fear, but at least now he knows what I think. I should probably take down my shrine to him after this list is published.

Trausti – ‘50%’

‘50%’ is a sleeper hit. Everybody, wake up! If you don’t know Trausti, he is a music producer and singer from a town in the middle of nowhere. This song makes me think of that but in a beautiful way. It hits the feels. I listened to it once on my way home from downtown in a taxi through a phone speaker. It was a very emotional and expensive trip.

AUÐUR – ‘Þreyttur

The new album “AFSAKANIR” by Auður is one of the best things I’ve heard. He just has a thing with lyrics—they are crazy relatable. The song ‘Þreyttur’ is, in my opinion, the masterpiece of the album. It connects the live instruments with the synthetic instruments time and time again on a level that is rarely achievable.

Shades of Reykjavík – ‘Álfheimar’

Shades of Reykjavík is a huge inspiration for this new generation of Icelandic rap. I don’t really consider myself a rapper, but Emmi Beats’ music production definitely inspired me to make hip-hop inspired music. This particular song is a beautiful piece and was a huge kickstarter for me as a producer.

Marteinn! – ‘Mouie’ & ‘Fymat’

Marteinn ‘BNGRBOY’ Hjartarson is a very talented producer from Grafarvogur. These two songs approached how music is made in DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) very differently. There is a lot of sound design in them that is truly mind bending and inspiring. But why did I put them together? Well, if you listen to ‘Mouie’ and ‘Fymant’ back to back you can hear that they are connected. Sexy.

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