From Iceland — Artist Playlist: Spooky Vibes & Throwing Panties With MSEA

Artist Playlist: Spooky Vibes & Throwing Panties With MSEA

Published September 19, 2018

Artist Playlist: Spooky Vibes & Throwing Panties With MSEA

MSEA is Maria-Carmela Raso, a Reykjavík-based musician who picked up some positive attention this year with the ambitious release exhibition for her latest track ‘Sex Self,’ and her presence in the burgeoning Weird Kids scene. Here’s a playlist of some of her favourite Icelandic tracks.

Amiina – Fantômas
This song is perfectly spooky and mysterious and makes me feel like I’m in an old black and white movie hunting for a secret weapon that could destroy the planet. I guess this makes sense since the album was apparently conceived as a score for the silent film “Fantomas.” I love me some concept music and brilliant percussion.

Samaris – Goða Tungl
Samaris is just one of the amazing projects Jófríður has been a part of. I could listen to this song over and over. The melody feels like something I have been singing my whole life; familiar, haunting, and catchy as eff. An anthem to wake up the moon energies, or something. Also, [bass] clarinet is my favourite instrument, so it’s a treat to hear clarinet mixed in with electronics.

dj. flugvél og geimskip – The sphinx
I recently pulled out all of my best ‘Aunty’ dance moves during AIRPLANE & SPACESHIP’s set at Norðanpaunk. So silly, authentic and otherworldly, Steinunn Harðardóttir is one of the most decided and creative artists I’ve stumbled upon. I’m an admirer.

Holdgervlar – Draugórar
I’ve probably listened to this song “Ghost Fantasy” (thanks google translate) 100+ times. This is easily one of my new favourite Icelandic bands. Kristín and Hjalti, I’m anxiously awaiting for more of your music! They remind me of inner darkness and my love for Twin Peaks, Cocteau Twins and The Cure. Yummy.

aYia – Ruins
aYia is totally a band that is bridging the gap between art music and pop music. Ásta Fanney brings an element of poetry and performance art to the [intense] production. I think this song should be used in a feature film. Can’t wait for the album.

IDK IDA – Bees Riot
I remember this first time I heard this song. I was studying in Toronto, surrounded by jazz musicians and forgetting why I wanted to do music. IDK IDA’s industrial textures wrapped me in a blanket I didn’t want to leave. Ida Schuften Juhl, originally from Denmark, is a powerful artist and human being.

I’m not going to pretend to know anything about the Icelandic hip hop scene, or hippity hop in general, but I do know that HOLY HRAFN is not like the others. He just released an album called ÞRETTÁN STAFIR and it’s like gameboy rap with slight ADHD and I love it. REALLY refreshing.

BSÍ – Ekki á leið
I’ve seen this duo a few times now and I’m always crushing hard afterwards. Sigurlaug Thorarensen sings while she drums (swoon alert), and Julius Rothlaender takes care of bass/keys/samples (multi-tasker or what?). Two babes meant for screaming teens. [Throws panties.]

Read more about MSEA here.

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