From Iceland — Grapevine Playlist: Birnir, AAIIEENN, Hekla, BleachKid Funi, Saga Nazari & more

Grapevine Playlist: Birnir, AAIIEENN, Hekla, BleachKid Funi, Saga Nazari & more

Published August 27, 2018

Grapevine Playlist: Birnir, AAIIEENN, Hekla, BleachKid Funi, Saga Nazari & more

Like a skulk of hangry arctic foxes prowling into your living room, here’s the new Grapevine playlist, including more hip-hop, soothing screeching and more.

Birnir – Dauður (Feat JFDR, Arnar)
Just when you thought, “Yet another hip-hop track?” the answer is yes, another hip-hop track. That said, Jófríður Ákadóttir’s chiming voice adds some depth to an otherwise catchy, but not particularly unique song. NE

AAIIEENN – Euclidian
Some ethereal, electro-ish 90’s house on a slightly balearic tip, featured on a track from AAIIEENN that’s coming out on an album on Reykjavík’s premiere experimental electronic label FALK. The album, Spaces, is out at the end of August, with preorders at FALK’s bandcamp page. SP

Hekla – Ekki er allt gull sem glóir
Some dreamy business going on in this track from theremin virtuoso Hekla, making atonal screechiness with her infernal wireless synth box, while still keeping it soothing. Her album drops on Phantom Limb in September. SP

BleachKid Funi – KILO
BleachKid Funi’s ‘KILO’ could either be about drugs or gaining weight, we’re not sure. Just kidding, this low-key trap ballad is definitely about drugs and to be honest, you’d probably need a hefty dose of downers to truly get into it. Unfortunately, we’re old and sober. But hey, it’s fun to pretend. HJC

Saga Nazari – Don’t Gotta Be Real
The obvious point of reference is James Blake, although the vocals are a bit more straightforward, but only a bit. Saga Nazari’s voice runs loops that are somewhere between modern R&B and Middle astern music. We’ll be keeping an eye on her. SP

Baggalútur – Sorrí með mig
Icelandic comedy troupe Baggalútur drops a track in a soft-pop style, that’s a little funny, but I would only recommend this to the non-Icelandic speaker as a conversation piece with Icelanders. So if you’re hitting on that Icelander on the DM, drop’em the link to this and ask them to explain this to you. Name the first baby Sveinbjörn. You’re welcome. SP

Svavar Knútur – Morgunn
Have you not found your ultimate summer track yet or are you just looking for a fun tune for your upcoming road trip? In that case, this might just be the right song for you, feel-good vibes and sing-along-parties guaranteed. NE

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