From Iceland — The Grapevine Interns Present: The Official Summer 2018 Playlist

The Grapevine Interns Present: The Official Summer 2018 Playlist

Published August 2, 2018

The Grapevine Interns Present: The Official Summer 2018 Playlist

Even though this year, with its lack of warmth and sunshine, the Icelandic summer has been anything but summery, we, the interns at the Reykjavík Grapevine, Noemi and Christine, have steadfastly decided that it shall be summer from this day onwards.

But how can we get past the rainy weather into a summery mood? Never fear, we have created a list of the top Icelandic songs that bring those tropical vibes to Iceland.

Hjálmar – Hættur að anda

Beloved reggae band Hjálmar are back with another song that could be your next summer tune. A bit more melancholic than usual, this song actually fits the non-existent summer in Reykjavík perfectly.

Friðrik Dór og Jón Jónsson – Á sama tíma, á sama stað

Local pop stars Friðrik Dór and Jón Jónsson teamed up to give you this year’s Þjóðhátiðarlag, the official song for the big party on Heimaey in the Westman Islands. More on the side of nostalgic ballads, this tune might just capture your heart and make you drunkenly sing along in no time (which is basically the aim of the song).

Those who’d like a hip-hop alternative should take a look at this:

Friðrik Dór – Fyrir fáeinum sumrum

Yup, another smash-ballad from troubadour Friðrik Dór! We either can’t get enough of him or can’t get rid of him, as he keeps popping up on radio playlists across the country.

Haukur Heiðar – Draumaland

And another ballad—this time from Haukur Heiðar though. Let yourself be swept away by his dreamy voice singing about the land of dream, probably a sunny and warm place.

Ásgeir Trausti – Myndir

Ásgeir has returned from the shores of Australia and his English songwriting. Back with a song in pure Icelandic (as we like it), he sings his heart out on his new single, ‘Myndir’. We are almost 90% sure the lyrics were by his father.

Reykjavíkurdætur ft. Svala – Ekkert Drama

You thought you finally found a playlist without Icelandic rap? Well, you thought wrong. Reykjavíkurdætur collaborated with Svala on this song that gives you plenty of summary vibes and basically sums up the conclusion all of your wild nights out: No drama!

Amabadama – Hossa hossa

This song came out a few years ago but it is still one of the best Icelandic summer hits of all time. To us, it will always be known as the track that made even old grumpy farmers wiggle their behind to the rhythm.

Stuðmenn – Úti í eyum

This is the original song for the Þjóðhátíð festival in the Westman Islands. With its upbeat rhythm and the perfectly random lyrics we all love, ‘Úti í eyum’ is sure to bring back nostalgic memories of good times under the Icelandic sun.

Fjallabræður, Sverrir Bergmann – Þar sem hjártað slær

One of the most iconic þjóðhátiðarlög ever, this song is likely to end any concert in a nostalgically-triumphant mood. It’s actually quite surprising that it hasn’t become the national anthem yet, as you get the same feeling of drama and importance when it’s being performed.

Bergsveinn, Magni, Hreimur, Grettiskórinn – Lífið er yndislegt

Another þjóðhátiðarlag that will haunt you forever (in a good way) at parties and festivals. This song is probably the definition of a feel-good tune that will either bring tears of joy or nostalgia to your eyes and will make the whole world seem a bit more happy.

Páll Oskar – La dolce vita

There is only one diva in Iceland who can perform in a sequin-covered lopapeysa at Þjóðhátið. I’m obviously talking about the one and only Páll Oskar, who put forward one of the most danceable tracks of all time with ‘La Dolce Vita’. Og nú kemur bassinn, hrist’ á þér rassinn!

Glowie ft. Stony – No More

Glowie sings about heartbreak and feeling stuck in the past—something that many of us have no doubt experienced at one point or another in our lives. Make sure to check out the music video, which perfectly symbolises being stuck in one place while the world moves around. Perhaps the upbeat tunes of this song will help you get there, though.


Noemi & Christine

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