From Iceland — Track By Track: ‘Klámstjarna’ by Dadykewl

Track By Track: ‘Klámstjarna’ by Dadykewl

Published June 4, 2018

Track By Track: ‘Klámstjarna’ by Dadykewl
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The Dadykewl vibe is one of chill positivity. While he does everything from party bangers to toned-down emotional trap, the singer is known for his no-holds-barred honesty. Love songs, real talk—you’ll find it all on his new album ‘Klámstjarna’. We asked him to explain the album in his own words.

Meira en ég þarf
Necessity is a weird thing. When something good goes away, you’re left with a hole, and you need to be careful how you fill it. This song starts with a string section that follows the mood of not feeling fulfilled, then it takes a U-turn to sore memories and regret. Starri helped take the song to that place—I guess he has some things to deal with, am I right? I fucking hate myself.

Á ljóshraða
Don’t let uninspiring, narrow-minded, and negative people near you. Don’t let them breathe the same air as you and if they come close ignore their presence. Then you end up with people that help you evolve into a better you.

“To be separated from the one you love is a trip, man.”

Sofna með þér ft. GKR
This is a cute little song about sleeping with the person you love. That’s highly underrated and now maybe people will appreciate it more. Fun fact: GKR actually made this beat with his own hands!

If you like sex, weird 90s references, strong female characters and drugs then boy oh boy listen to this song. It’s a Dadykewl classic and has a joyful feeling around it, which is the reason why I reached out to Smjörvi to help me with it.

Edinborg ft. Prinz Puffin
I made this beat, like, two years ago and showed it to Prinz Puffin on a trip we took to Edinburgh. We were broke as fuck and spent a week in an Airbnb with an Italian drummer who only had drumsticks and loved hair metal. I hope we meet him again and I hope he manages to buy a drum kit for his drumsticks. It was a fucking legendary trip. I’m never going back though.

To be separated from the one you love is a trip, man. The main synth from this song is sampled from a Poppy video called “What Percentage Am I?”


Klakarnir ft. Alvia Islandia
I made this beat a year ago and locked it in my vault of decaying demos. Then my friend Robbi told me to wake the fuck up and do something about my miserable life so I looked at it again. After having the chorus stuck in my head for weeks like it was fucking Jumanji beating from my vault, I began working on it again. I met Alvia at Prikið and asked her to help me with the song, and now I’m finally free.

Meira Frelsi
My friend Fames came to the studio one day before he went to a party and showed me the beat to “Meira Frelsi.” If you party hard and have sexual intercourse frequently then this might be your new favourite.

Lada Acoustic Remix
I wrote ‘Lada’ in January 2017, made an acoustic version later, and then Mistersir made a remix of that. Fucking Post-Modernism. God, I love the times we live in.

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