From Iceland — Track by Track: Lord Pusswhip ‘Stationz ov the puss’ 

Track by Track: Lord Pusswhip ‘Stationz ov the puss’ 

Published March 23, 2018

Track by Track: Lord Pusswhip ‘Stationz ov the puss’ 

The works of rapper and producer Lord Pusswhip are best described as unpredictable. Over the years, his sound has meandered all over the spectrum—from laid back vapourwave to post-emo weirdo hip-hop punk to straight up bangers. Take last month’s Sonar Reykjavík, where he surprised the crowd with a techno and house set. Don’t worry though—it will still filled with his characteristic eclectic crazy-shit style. His newest effort ‘Stationz ov the puss’ recently dropped on Ladyboy Records. We asked Pusswhip to explain the album in his own words.

1. Tha Beast Within
‘Tha Beast Within’ might be the first beat that I was really happy with. Denzel Curry was supposed to rap on it back in 2013 thanks to legendary producer $ludgehammer, but that never went through. Maybe next time!

2. Creepin
This is a horrorcore banger I made early on. My friend Onoe Caponoe from London also jumped on this beat for one of his recent albums on High Focus Records.

3. Fan of Yours
‘Fan of Yours’ is a super Vaporwave-y collab with a former collaborator Vrong. The track is super rough and slimy but it was one of my early favourites from this album.

Here we have another drippy Vaporwave-ish banger. I remember ‘SYNTHPAPI’ was the first track by me ever played on the radio out here, thanks to electronic show Funkþátturinn.

5. Johnny Dang
Another collabo banger. Rapper Grill Billyenz jumped on this back in 2014.

6. U Know We Like 2 Swang
This is probably my favourite of the collabs on this tape. It’s also with Vrong. The song has cinematic vibes.

When I made ‘PHAUNK’, it was the first time I programmed my own synth in Ableton. I still reuse it sometimes, last for the Adidas Originals soundtrack I did.

8. Slimey
I think ‘Slimey’ was legit one of the first beats I made that I was remotely happy with. I was so influenced by Spaceghostpurrp’s BLVCKLVND RVDIX 66.6 mixtape that I even sampled one of his beats.

9. Mystical Sog
This one’s a psychedelic classic. The legendary Lofty 305 from Miami art/rap/coke crew Metro Zu rapped on this back in the day.

10. Tempest
Early emotional vibes beat I made. This one brings back feels for sure.

11. Police State
‘Police State’ is a cloudy, foggy beat I made back then. I also made a mash-up of it with Lil Kim and Biggie’s “Crush on You” as well.

12. Jason Mask
This track has dancey clubby vibes. I made it back when I hadn’t really gotten a hang of all that though, but it’s still wavey.

A trap banger that samples some badass reggae shit.

Onoe Caponoe and my angel Lauren Audur jumped on this epic synth beat.

‘REALIDAD’ is another synth track I would later reuse for the original Adidas soundtrack that got scrapped. You guys might hear the revamped version later…

I made this cloud banger when I was living in Denmark. It’s definitely one of my favourite laid back instrumentals I made.

17. Yellow Emmanuelle (Project Pat flip)
This is another beat I made in Denmark. It ended up getting freestyled on by Chris Barron, the singer of Spin Doctors—don’t ask me why or how that happened.

Lord Pusswhip’s release party is March 23rd 2018 at Gaukurinn. Read more about Icelandic music here.

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