From Iceland — Grapevine Playlist: Skrattar, Godchilla, AUÐUR & More

Grapevine Playlist: Skrattar, Godchilla, AUÐUR & More

Published April 17, 2017

Grapevine Playlist: Skrattar, Godchilla, AUÐUR & More
Hannah Jane Cohen
Photo by
Timothée Lambrecq

Spring is coming! What better way to celebrate than with some black metal, AutoTune and sludge-rock? Here it is: the latest edition of the Grapevine Playlist.

Godchilla – Sparkling Void
One band you can definitely trust not to use AutoTune or on-trend sparkling synths is surf-sludge-rock project Godchilla. “Sparkling Void” is a Melvins-esque slab of riffing and screaming, and being heavy and retro makes it sound positively fresh in the current scene.

Skrattar – Eina Væna
While “sensitive” might not be the first word you’d associate with Skrattar, “Eina Væna” shows the band has more to offer than bizarre stage antics. The tune is somewhat country-rock, if country-rock did stick-and-pokes. It also has an early Marilyn Manson vibe. Weird stuff.

AUÐUR – When It’s Been A While
The “walking around in Reykjavík” music video genre got a new addition recently from Iceland’s skinniest sex-obsessed R&B crooner AUÐUR, who takes to the back alleys to sing about sexual frustration, and its resolution, in sign language.

Vaginaboys – Feeling
The bemasked, AutoTuned Vaginaboys are back with another slice of mall-friendly R&B pop. This time, the undecipherable lyrics are set to a video that features some masked girls examining various dildos whilst making a fruit salad. Is this peak sad boy?

JFDR – Destiny’s Upon Us
Grapevine favourite Jófríður Ákadótiir has dropped another video from her stunning debut solo album, ‘Brazil’. This time, the singer frolicks along a seafront at sunset, tapping into the themes of intimate, vivid moments and constant travel that permeates the LP.

ICY G & Andsetinn – In The Clouds With You
If you’re a fan of benzo-rap, then “In The Clouds With You” is for you. The music is almost inhumanly chill—great for when you want to daze out but probably not the best for a pre-game. Have fun, but be careful not to depress yourself too much.

Draugsól – Bót Eður Viðsjá Við illu Aðkast
Draugsól’s newest album ‘Volaða Land’ proves black metal is alive and well in Iceland. Vicious, desperate, dissonant, and violent, ‘Volaða Land’ is emotionally agonizing in the best possible way. “Bót Eður Viðsjá Við illu Aðkast” is a standout track.

Hermigervill – DDR Disco
Synth maestro Hermigervill is back in force for 2017. His upbeat 80s-influenced tunes are quirky and dancefloor-friendly. This one comes with added vocoder, trilling keyboards, and plenty of hooks. We’re excited for the album, due this summer.

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