From Iceland — Straumur’s Top 5 Icelandic Albums of 2016

Straumur’s Top 5 Icelandic Albums of 2016

Published January 6, 2017

Straumur’s Top 5 Icelandic Albums of 2016

#5 Samaris – ‘Black Lights’

On their third and most mature album Samaris deliver threefold on their early promise as the best post-dubstep Icelandic pop band.

#4 Aron Can – ‘Þekkir stráginn’

The young and talented singer/rapper Aron Can came like a whirlwind through the burgeoning Icelandic hip-hop scene this year with his album ‘Þekki stráginn’ (“You know the boy”). The production is on par with the best in the southern scene and his sing-song-rapping is charming and effortless.

#3 Kælan Mikla – ‘Kælan Mikla’

Ice-cold poetry punk that sounds as detached as anything Joy Division released. They are spearheading Reykjavík’s dark/no wave scene as leaders of label/festival Myrkramakt.

#2 Andi – ‘Andi’

The most under-the-radar album of the year is the self-titled debut album from Andi. The release is an infectious concoction of instrumental electro-pop heavily influenced by Italo Disco. It’s like a soundtrack for a 70s sci-fi flick that bombed when it came out but became a cult classic over the passing years. Andi dives head first into the legacy of synth maestros like Giorgio Moroder, Cerrone, Jan Hammer and Yellow Magic Orchestra and goes for a swim in it.

#1 GKR – ‘GKR’

On his first proper album GKR goes from being one of the most promising rappers in Iceland to being one of the best. His confidence in delivery is growing at an alarming rate and he has a keen ear for choosing the right producers and banging beats. The album is deftly sequenced and comes in at a compact nine songs, with not a dud among them. His breakout hit “Breakfast” is included here, and on the album he eats other rappers for that very same meal.

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