From Iceland — Glowie’s Next Chapter: “No Lie” Music Video Premiere

Glowie’s Next Chapter: “No Lie” Music Video Premiere

Published July 22, 2016

Glowie’s Next Chapter: “No Lie” Music Video Premiere
Hrefna Björg Gylfadóttir
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Hrefna Björg Gylfadóttir

Glowie has become one of Iceland’s most famous pop stars in only a year. Her first single, “No More,” was the most popular song of 2015 on radio station FM957, and she was the opening act for Jessie J last September. Since then she’s been on the rise, releasing three singles, including her most recent one “No Lie”.
After winning a national song contest in 2014, Glowie started creating music in collaboration with StopWaitGo. “I was offered a lot of different projects after the contest, so many in fact it became overwhelming,.” she says. “Pálmi from StopWaitGo contacted me, and we recorded ‘No More.’”

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It’s been a long road to this moment. Glowie has been singing since she was nine years old, using her dad’s home studio to record her own music. She practiced a lot, improving with time, and took every chance she got to perform. “I had big dreams as a child but became impatient because I felt nothing was really happening,” she says., “After I released No More, everything just took off.”

The Glowie craze

Glowie’s real name is Sara Pétursdóttir. She decided to use the pseudonym for the project to have a less common name, and one that was hers completely. The name came out of the blue, but felt fitting. Asked if there is any difference between Glowie and Sara, she answers: “No, but I do get into a certain feeling when performing. I’m a lot shyer in real life.”

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At just nineteen years of age, Glowie has already become extremely popular. Asked if she feels any pressure to maintain some kind of image, she explains that a big part of her fanbase is made up of young girls who see her as a role model. “I like doing edgy stuff,” she says, “but at the same time I’m realising how much of an influence my work has on these young girls. I’m learning how to balance this, because it’s definitely something that matters to me.”

Glowie has most recently been busy working on a new music video. She says she loves the work that comes with being a musician, and all the behind the scenes work, and has strong ideas about how she wants to be portrayed. The video for “No Lie” was directed by Saga Sig, filmed by Elli Cassata and edited by Glowie’s boyfriend. “I’ve worked so hard on this video, and I’m so happy with the outcome,” Glowie says. “It shows exactly who I am, and what my style is.”

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Exciting future

Glowie has attracted attention from outside of Iceland, and been contacted by various record labels. She plans on travelling to the US this fall to meet with some of them and promote herself.

Make sure to check out Glowie’s new video for No Lie, premiered July 22 at 21:00 at KEX Hostel.

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