From Iceland — Music And Nature In Perfect Harmony

Music And Nature In Perfect Harmony

Published July 18, 2016

Music And Nature In Perfect Harmony
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Art Bicnick

One could be used to the idea that a greenhouse is meant for growing cucumbers and tomatoes. But when thinking more creatively, a greenhouse can also be used as a… concert venue! If you like the sound of that idea, you are welcome to enjoy the Picnic Concerts held in the greenhouse just outside the doorstep of the Nordic House.

Kristbjörg Kona Kristjánsdóttir, a representative of the Nordic House, says that the Picnic Concerts are intended to be something special for guests to enjoy on beautiful summer Sundays, and in harmony with nature. “We wanted to add some cultural experiences to the Reykjavík city center,” she says of the magical concerts. “So we created a cosy hangout place where people can listen to live music and relax. Vatnsmýrinn, where the Nordic House is situated, is a nature reserve and a bird sanctuary. While listening to the concerts outside, guests can simultaneously hear birds singing and water flowing. One can just feel the nature around him. The music becomes a part of the nature and the nature becomes a part of the music.”


Musicians like Myrra Rós, ÍRiS, Anna Jónsdóttir, Markús and the Diversion Sessions and the Magnús R. Einarsson tríó can be heard in the greenhouse over the next five Sundays. Kristbjörg explains that the musicians were picked because their music fits into the atmosphere the Nordic House wanted to create. She adds that it wasn’t hard to find musicians who were willing to perform in a greenhouse: “Most of the musicians we contacted were excited to play in such an unconventional venue as a greenhouse, and even though some of them are playing with big bands regularly, they were open to creating something new to fit in the environment” She adds: “All the musicians are Icelandic and therefore unique. For example, Myrra Rós has built her own little world on the Icelandic music scene with bold and personal folk music, Íris creates mysterious electronic music and Markús Bjarnason plays friendly and humorous music.”


Kristbjörg says that for now, about 50 people have showed up to each concert. Overall, she estimates, “we expect to get around five hundred guests this year to visit the concerts. Everyone is welcome and if the greenhouse is full, we pull out chairs and blankets for people to enjoy the music in our lovely green garden. Some people prefer lying on the grass while enjoying the music while others like being up-close and personal with the artists.”.

Most events held in the Nordic House have free admission, and the Picnic Concerts are no exception. “The Picnic Concerts have been a yearly event for a couple of years now and will keep on being the Nordic House’s contribution to anyone who wants to come and enjoy Icelandic music during the summer season. So The Nordic House funds the concerts and pays the artists,” confirms Kristbjörg.


Talented Icelandic musicians give free concerts in the Nordic House greenhouse every Sunday at 3 p.m.

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