From Iceland — Útidúr Release New Space Cowboy Music Video!

Útidúr Release New Space Cowboy Music Video!

Published February 29, 2016

Útidúr Release New Space Cowboy Music Video!
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Chamber-pop band Útidúr has just released a new music video that they say is inspired by Spaghetti Westerns and low-budget sci-fi films. The song, “Ennio,” is off of their new album ‘Bila-St.Æðin’ which hits the streets on March 16.

What can you tell us about the video and the song?
Kristinn Roach:
The song was written a while ago after a Spaghetti Western bender. I saw no point in hiding my influences so I just named the song after the one and only Mr. Morricone. I thought he deserved his own stupidly heroic theme song after writing so many great ones. It’s pretty weird but I like it. Feels great to finally have a recording of it to share.

This is actually the first music video I’ve ever made and it was so fun. I thought about making it look like a Spaghetti Western, but then I thought it would be more interesting to mix it with something else. So I chose another of my favourite film genres: sci-fi. I love the sets and the real special effects of old sci-fi movies. But since I had no budget and no gear, I had to find a way to ghetto mix things. I ended up shooting a bunch of small things up close with a macro lens borrowed from school, trying to make them look epic and stuff. I had recently found one of my favourite toys as a kid, this awesome little spaceman with magnets in his feet. So naturally he became Ennio.

PS: I just Googled “space cowboy” and found out Clint Eastwood actually directed a film called ‘Space Cowboys‘ in 2000 and it looks horrible! Also almost forgot about Jamiroquai!

What about the album? When we spoke before Airwaves 2014, it sounded like it was jut about to be released. A year later it’s finally ready. Has it changed a lot in that time?
Gunnar Örn: The making of this album took way too long, which led us to change the songs radically. After a year of recording we got bored with some of the songs so we started changing them and cutting out things and adjusting parts to the songs. I think that time was good for us. It made us more sure about what we wanted to hear and how to do that. We could have worked on it for many more years, but that would probably not have helped.

Kristinn Roach: It can be really weird with a lot of stuff going on, which sometimes sounds random and sometimes just right. Sometimes it’s annoying and sometimes its super fun and interesting.

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