From Iceland — Provoking A Strong Reaction: Celebrate Muck's New Album

Provoking A Strong Reaction: Celebrate Muck’s New Album

Published March 12, 2015

Provoking A Strong Reaction: Celebrate Muck’s New Album
Gabríel Benjamin
Photo by
Matthew Eisman

Hey! You! Check it out: Artcore noisemasters Muck are celebrating the release of their new awesome album ‘Your Joyous Future’ by throwing a concert at Húrra, drafting in their friends from Oyama and Pink Street Boys to ensure the party’s near-certain blow-out status. It’s sure to be quite the bash: Muck are at an exciting point in their career, scoring rave reviews from fancy international publications like Kerrang!, Metal Hammer and Noisey. They’re all poised to engulf 2015. The Year Of Muck, they’re calling it.

Even this humble street rag thinks it’s pretty great—indeed, we’re currently working on an in-depth, long-ass profile interview for your benefit. To carry you over until then, here’s a taste of things to come.

“I know people talk about how deadly the second album can be,” Muck’s talkative drummer Ási tells me as we excitedly discuss the band’s then-imminent sophomore effort—“but that’s just bullshit. People in the punk world are too busy thinking about other things than that kind of pressure. And besides, nobody’s going to get famous or rich playing this kind of music.” Long-haired guitar slayer Kalli steps in to note that second album pressure is maybe a thing for mega hit bands like Of Monsters and Men—“but ‘Slaves’ fucking sucks compared to our new album!”

Ási concurs, adding that even if there were some interesting ideas on the previous album, it was much too crowded, a mistake they avoided repeating: “We knew we had to take our good ideas and simplify them, delivering them more clearly than before. ‘Your Joyous Future’ has much better song structures, and the band’s chemistry has taken leaps and bounds. We’ve learned a lot about what kind of music we want to make and how to make it.”

“Nobody’s going to get famous or rich playing this kind of music.”

One of the milestones in the band’s transformation into the monster it has become came at the end of 2012, when they went on an artists’ residency in New York to record more material. Having written, rehearsed and created an album’s worth of songs, they crammed in a quick session over a weekend where they recorded the whole album in one go before hopping on a plane. When they then got to the US, they were left with nothing to do but create more material, get into a creative zone and rekindle their love of music.

“It was incredibly maturing for me as an individual and us as a band to completely disconnect from what was going on at home and just create,” chilled out bassist Loftur says, the rest of the band soberly nodding along. “I had no money, no chores and no obligations, and it reminded me why I love making music. Now when I’m playing with my band, I just feel like we’re hanging out at the playground.”

See you in the pit.

Muck / Oyama / Pink Street Boys

March 13 at 21:00


2,000 ISK

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