From Iceland — Grapevine’s Super Special Sónar Special, pt. 5: Dark Beats and Unknown Translators

Grapevine’s Super Special Sónar Special, pt. 5: Dark Beats and Unknown Translators

Published February 12, 2015

Grapevine’s Super Special Sónar Special, pt. 5: Dark Beats and Unknown Translators

In this final episode (so sad) Árni Grétar meets with the talented Natalie Gunnarsdóttir who is Sónar Reykjavík twice, once as DJ Yamaho, and then with the group Darkfeatures. Our dear host seems to be a bit lost in this episode, not knowing what episode this is, where he is or who is helping him out during the interview. He remains, however, as charming as ever. This is the last episode but fear not, dear readers, since Sónar starts today, mixing up electronic sounds, harsh beats and artsy artists in the big glass and metal bowl that is Harpa. Go watch some cool bands tonight, drink some drinks and be merry!

We out. Peace.

DJ Yamaho is Natalie G. Gunnarsdóttir, a DJ from Reykjavik who began playing around 2000 at the legendary bar Sirkus. She has remained in high demand ever since, and not just in Iceland; having played spots in Ibiza, Barcelona and many European clubs and venues. Her sets typically oscillate between the two eminent pillars of electronic dance music, Chicago house and Detroit techno, from where she weaves her hypnotic and technically minded sets. She has also recently begun producing her own music, following the same lines of dance and quality.

Thursday 23:45 – 01:00
SonarPub presented by Carlsberg

Darkfeatures was formed last year by DJ Yamaho and is made up of three very different but vibrant colors from the Icelandic music scene. Yamaho leads the band and sings the songs. She is backed by TY, a renowned hip hop producer and mountain guide. If he isn´t busy cooking dark beats most likely you will find him up in the mountains, where he sometimes likes to stay for weeks. Then there is Frosti Gringo, a former classical violinist who gave up his violin and took up drums after a violent acid trip in 1999 and has since played with various bands such as Klink, Esja and Legend, playing every style from hardcore metal to country music. A kind of jack of all trades master of none he has recently started making home recordings, one of which Yamaho heard at an after-party and successfully recruited him to her merry band of misfits. Together they pluck from their many styles and combine it into what they call: Darkfeatures.

Friday 19:30 – 20:10
SonarClub presented by Síminn

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