From Iceland — Tribute To ‘Rokk í Reykjavík’ Video Competition

Tribute To ‘Rokk í Reykjavík’ Video Competition

Published February 13, 2012

Tribute To ‘Rokk í Reykjavík’ Video Competition

Calling all musicians, Dr Wim Van Hooste needs your help! As part of his project to do an update of ‘Rokk í Reykjavík,’ the Dr is asking musicians from around the globe to record and film a tribute to any song that was featured in the original documentary. You can do whatever you want so let your imagination run wild!
Entries need to be in by March 31 and the winning videos will be played to the gathering masses at Gaukur á Stöng (Gaukurinn) in May. Read on to get the skinny from Icelandic music fanatic, Dr Wim…
‘Rokk í Reykjavík’ is a pretty legendary film. What made you think of doing an update?

It’s been 25 years since I first made a trip to Iceland around my birthday so it seemed like a good excuse to come again. I was thinking about a theme to have for my birthday party at Gaukurinn,  and because it is 30 years since the screening of Friðrik Þór Friðriksson’s documentary ‘Rokk í Reykjavík,’ I wanted to organise something around this historical rockumentary. Some of the original bands are still alive and kicking and the bands they have influenced, or just anybody who loves Icelandic rock music, could make a tribute….
Indeed! Icelandic music is becoming increasingly well known around the world; are people from outside Iceland welcome to submit?
It is. I found on YouTube a cover of Purrkur Pillnikk’s ‘Óvænt’ by Swedish hardcore band Warcollapse the other day. All entries are very welcome! And I know Icelandic bands prefer to bring their own songs, but I hope they’ll bring a tribute in their own way.
And we hear there will an international jury involved in the judging. Any clue on who will be in it?
Some of my international musical friends I made over the years.
Ha, ok ok…keeping it under wraps! So how will the winners benefit from entering?
They get international exposure on my blogs and the best artists are invited to play their cover live at my private birthday party on May 24, 2012 at Gaukurinn.
How is the 1000 ISK entrance fee to the competition going to be used?
With the money I hope to make a CD/DVD with the best entries, a Rock in Reykjavik 2.0.
Any clues on what will be included/featured in the film? What will it be like?
It will be a lo-fi compilation of the best videos provided by the bands.
And finally, you said that there are “several blogs” on which the winning entries will be featured. Give us the lowdown on the blogs!
Of course, they’ll be on my popular blog “I Love Icelandic Music”, but also on my new “Icelandic Music Mob” blog
Then there is a channel for all videos: and the winners will be put on All the information is on “Reykjavik Rocks On And On And On”:
Rock on, mates!
Thanks Dr Wim!
When: Submissions must be in by March 31
Entry: 1000 ISK

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