From Iceland — Track of the Issue - Steindi Jr. (featuring Ásgeir Orri): Djamm í kvöld

Track of the Issue – Steindi Jr. (featuring Ásgeir Orri): Djamm í kvöld

Published August 19, 2011

Track of the Issue – Steindi Jr. (featuring Ásgeir Orri): Djamm í kvöld

Comedy, music and social commentary are seldom strangers to each other. Randy Neuman often blended the three, as have countless punk rock bands. Comedian and musician Steindi Jr. has now done the same with this track, ‘Djamm í kvöld’ (Party Tonight).
The song follows an ordinary guy who “drinks four light beers, and then goes straight back home in a taxi,” and then disappears for a month as he careens into an alcoholic tailspin. This human disaster is driven ever-onwards towards self-destruction due to his unrelenting need to go clubbing and partying “tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next.”
The best part of the song, though, is the delivery. The track is a fairly infectious dance groove, replete with a solid beat, ear worming bass line and washes of strings that don’t overwhelm. Steindi Jr’s rap delivery is confident, clear and assured, which might explain why you can often see people unironically dancing to this track in clubs, perhaps oblivious to the song’s statement on our fair country’s famed love affair with drinking to excess. Or maybe because of it, who knows?
In any event, you can download this track from our website, for free, or head on down to a music store near you and buy Steindi Jr’s CD, Án djóks samt djók (Not kidding but still kidding) and listen to what else he has to offer. As a rising star in Iceland’s comedy world, it definitely helps that he also happens to be a competent musician.
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