From Iceland — Datarock is Coming Back!

Datarock is Coming Back!

Published November 5, 2010

Datarock is Coming Back!

So guess what. Some Nordic initiative or other is happening these days (where would the Reykjavík culture scene be without the Nordic House and all those Nordic initiatives? A lot less interesting, that’s for sure) and one of the sweet bits is that they’re bringing back the awesome Norwegian outfit Datarock to destroy us with their amazing live show once again. As if that Airwaves ’06 performance wasn’t enough. Jeez. We’re excited already.
Datarock should need no introduction. If you have no idea who they are, go hang out on the internet for a while and get yourself acquainted (SPOILER: they are from Bergen, Norway, they are a DIY-style outfit, they like to wear red tracksuits whilst performing their infectious discogroove- rock-whatever songs (you come up with a better description!) and their live show is stunning). We e-mailed them some questions to prepare for the show and guess what – they answered. So read on to get yrself all hyped up for their show.
Although some of our readers have no idea who you are, I know a lot of them have been waiting for y’all to come back ever since you crushed the audience at Iceland Airwaves 2006. Do you have recollections of that visit? Was it good for you, too?
It was probably better for us. In fact, we got our first orgasm that night! Airwaves was a great in ’06, and the Blue Lagoon was nice with the Ibiza slash Miami like party. From the show we remember an audience who truly knew how to party.
How does appearing at a festival such as Iceland Airwaves compare to your own shows? Do you have to compromise at all, or does playing your own shows just mean more stage time
 We don’t have the intellect to compromise anything, so we see no difference. Of course at festivals like that you have industry people checking you out, but that’s no different to any other show.
What can we expect from your show? It’s been three years since I saw you destroy By:larm with what looked like three hundred people on stage with you. Do you bring those folks on tour? Will it just be the core band on stage? Or will you maybe try recruiting Icelanders for the purpose?
Who knows? Perhaps. But we’ll be four guys in red tracksuits coming up from Bergen. Usually that’s the four who do the show. Occasionally we’ll have additional people, like the 100 we brought for the Norwegian Grammies, but hey—only back home, man.
Let’s talk about the tracksuits: will you retire them at any point? Or are they an inseparable from your music and general aesthetic? It’s like the black Spiderman suit, man. It’s become part of who we are.
Datarock will perform tonight at NASA, along with Retro Stefson and Berndsen. Their appearance is part of the Ting – Nordic Art Festival, which also features performances from Wildbirds and Peacedrums, HjaltaliÅLn, Schola Cantorum and Skåtebard.
 More info here.

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