From Iceland — Grapevine’s Picks For Tonight!

Grapevine’s Picks For Tonight!

Published October 13, 2010

Grapevine’s Picks For Tonight!

It’s on! My is it on! How fun! How fresh! Yes! To help y’all get started, we decided to pick some picks for y’all to check out tonight, if you have no idea what you’re into or what you want to see. These are just some bands that we know can provide excellent live shows, or are curious about in one way or the other.
There are many other bands playing tonight, and most of them are pretty excellent, so you don’t have to abide by our picks any more than you feel like. You’ll still probably have a great time, unless you get all drunk and wasted and throw up all over your brand new coat and you lose your phone and your credit card and all your friends abandon you because you smell like vomit.
Buxnaskjónar – Amsterdam – 19:30
These young punkers from the North are Airwaves newcomers. Their tunes are great, their attitude is great, and we’re sure their live show is pretty great too! Go see ‘em while their young and horny!
Lára Rúnars – NASA – 20:00
Young Lára has been quietly making a name for herself for the past few years. Now she’s started getting attention from the international press, and she made this cool krútt video too. Female singer/songwriter, but don’t let that scare you.
Pétur Ben – Sódóma – 20:20
Pétur Ben is back! We have no idea what his live show’s like these days, because we haven’t seen him play in one million years! This is enough reason to see the awesomely talented guitarist/singer do his magic one more time.
Prinspóló – Venue – 21:10
Prinspóló is the solo vehicle of Svavar Pétur of Skakkamanage and Rúnk fame. But it’s maybe not a solo venture anymore, seeing as Svavar’s added Loji of Sudden Weather Change, Kristján of Reykjavík! and Lóa Hlín of FM Belfast to the mix. This line-up will be performing tonight, and we are pretty sure it’ll be great. The new songs sound amazing, and we are already looking forward to the album.
ThizOne – Apótekið – 22:20
Some electro for y’all. ThizOne has been a regular at our Grapevine Grassroots shows, and he’s delivered an enchanting performance EVERY TIME. HE will surely do this again tonight.
Evil Madness & Jóhann Jóhannsson – Faktorý – 23:30
Wow. Just go there. Unless you’re afraid of noise and awesome. Then you should stay somewhere else.
Sin Fang – Venue – 00:30
This is Sin Fang’s ONLY SHOW THIS AIRWAVES, and we know all of you are excited about catching Sindri Seabear’s excellent solo project. So we thought we’d remind you: if you miss this show, then no more Sin Fang for you this Airwaves.

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