From Iceland — Smashing The System, One Release At A Time

Smashing The System, One Release At A Time

Published May 14, 2010

Smashing The System, One Release At A Time

I would guess that when most people think of the word “collective” they usually think of Stalinist Russia, dirty smelly hippies, or The Borg with their S&M kitchen tools.
    But in these post-kreppa days, resources are scarce. It makes more sense now for people to pool together under a shared umbrella, a common purpose. And that´s what a group of musicians have decided to do in creating the Paradísarborgaplötur (Paradise City Records) music collective. Their mission is thus: “We believe in D.I.Y. ethics and fully realise the politics behind artistic representation. Our art is a statement against rock star hipster attitudes and elitist bullshit.”
    And the first fruits of their labour have found their way to Grapevine towers, where they have been placed into my filthy pig-dog capitalist hands to review and digest.
    First up is Dead Zeppelin by Deathmetal Supersquad. Five tracks of standard meat & potato punk rock. Although there are no new feats of discovery here, it´s surprisingly catchy. However the final track “330” does drag on a bit. At least it’s good to see that these guys will be able to take up the mantle of Iceland’s premier pop punkers when Morðingjarnir decide to hang up their axes and become chartered surveyors. (+/-)
    Now, Dansað við Lík by Tentacles of Doom is a rather different proposition. They´re part of the punk umbrella, but they´ve wandered off into a corner, started drinking cider and blackcurrant and listening to early Bauhaus and Sex Gang Children. The EP takes these influences and stamps repeatedly on them to force out a harsh, abrasive sound that makes me feel happily belligerent. (+)
    But to be shown how it´s done, we can look to Andspyrna by DYS. This is full-on old-school anarchist class war Punk in the mould of Crass and The Exploited that your dad used to bore you about. Granted it´s nigh on impossible to understand the political lyrics when they are screamed in a flailing, torn manner. But it´s as brutal as kicking a free-market puppy in the face and they´ve included the lyrics and a manifesto in the CD inlay. FUCK YEAH! (+/-)
    With further releases lined up from Bummer & MVNVMVNTS, it looks like the battle to change continues apace in this one corner of music…

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