From Iceland — “There simply has to be a song in the world called ‘Brad Pitt’”

“There simply has to be a song in the world called ‘Brad Pitt’”

Published November 5, 2004

“There simply has to be a song in the world called ‘Brad Pitt’”

Meeting me between work and rehearsals, Gísli seems a busy man these days. He tells me that he doesn’t intend to sleep until the third album of the trilogy has been completed, and about the importance of everyone being perfectly syncronised before playing live. I ask Gísli if it’s not hard to perform such computer based music live and make something dynamic out of it.
“Well, live we don’t use any computers or sequenced stuff whatsoever. We’re actually a full band when performing, a rock band making covers of Bacon songs. That’s why we’re called Bacon Live Support Unit and not just Bacon. All the beats and samples on the album are replaced or recreated with proper instruments for a better show.
But there are actually quite a few acoustic elements in our music, even on record. For example, I have a friend from the symphony orchestra playing double bass on one of the tracks.”

Inquiring about the rather curious titles of the songs, Gísli says, “It’s usually just the sound and look of a word that appeals to us. Some titles are obvious though; I mean there simply has to be a song in the world named ‘Brad Pitt’. Possibly, things will become clearer once the trilogy is completed. We put a lot into the trilogy thing.”

There are quite a lot of different styles and approaches to be found on your album – you guys must have a rather diverse taste in music…
“I guess that comes from having been into music for such a long time. When I was confirmed I got a guitar and an amplifier and music has been my life ever since. The same goes for many of my friends – whatever they got for their confirmation has played a large role in what they’ve been doing since. I guess that’s one of the few good things that come out of religion. However, it’s only as of late that I’ve been making electronic music – I used to be more into hard rock, and Guđmundur into industrial music. Nowadays we try not to limit ourselves. Everything we’ve been listening to and everything that’s happening to us in our daily lives is a potential source of inspiration; whatever we do we’re always rehearsing for Bacon.”

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