From Iceland — HOT CHIP


Published October 8, 2004


Electronic funk outfit Hot Chip have recently achieved the accolade of having their song “Down with Prince” chosen as NME’s single of the week, being described as “genre-hopping future funk held together with elastic bands.” Grapevine spoke with Joe Goddard, one half of the band to find out what the fuss was all about.

“We’re kind of poppy,” he says. “We’re influenced a lot by the Beach Boys but we also like a lot of folk artists and hip-hop acts like The Neptunes and Timbaland. We try to blend hip-hop and folk in an amateurish, lo-fi way.”

What can people expect from your show at Airwaves?

“If they’ve heard our album, Playboy, they can expect us to play our stuff a lot louder and rawer than how it is on the album. We have some other guys who play with us live and we set up four keyboards side by side, all facing front, so that there’s something to watch on stage. They can expect to see us banging and shaking strange objects while a crappy drum machine pounds out the beat.”

So what are you going to do in Iceland?

“The guy who runs our label is a big fan of Iceland and he’s always scouring the country looking for new acts. We thought it’d be great to go there, because we’ve heard so many amazing things about the country, although I’ve been informed that when we’ll be there there won’t be much daylight. Still, we really look forward to it and hopefully we can take off one of the four days we’ll be there to check out some geysers.”

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