Published August 20, 2004


Much of my childhood was spent messing around in the local swimming pools and as a logical progression, I got hooked on long, hot showers. This habit caused some frustration in the family, who resented my hogging of the shower. But I stood my ground and to this day I take a lengthy shower whenever I can.
In this modern world of multitasking, there is use to be made of these long showers. Ironing or cooking is not desirable in there…
But you certainly can drink.
The merits of drinking in the shower were crudely presented to me in a book by John O’Brien, called Leaving Las Vegas. The main character (flawlessly portrayed by Nicholas Cage in the adaptation for the big screen), a hopeless drunk named Ben, would take his second or third morning drink in the shower to be able to face the day and to get rid of the shakes. But I’d like to think that there was an aesthetic reason as well for Ben’s shower drinking.
The sight of moisture condensing on the cold glass of a beer bottle in the shower is a sight that every drinking-art aficionado should see at least once in their lifetime. As a bonus, the drink as such becomes even more refreshing when the hot water is beating on your back.
Spend a little time in Iceland, and you’ll quickly realize that to prevent bankruptcy, it is advisable to do some drinking at home before hitting the bars. Why not start that traditionally Icelandic act while showering? I’ve been experimenting with this procedure for a while now with some gratifying results. But it’s not only beer that goes well with showers. A glass of whiskey is becoming and even more pleasing to the eye than the beer bottle. Wine works, too, although not as well as liquor or beer. I always feel silly when I’m holding a wine-glass in the shower. Coffee, drunk hot, is a bit different from the rest, but a morning cup of ´freshly brewed’ in the shower is hard to beat.
At this point it should be mentioned that it’s a gross misconception that taking a shower is a solitary experience. The average size of a shower fits two quite comfortably and two drinks to boot. This is a possibility that shouldn’t be overlooked.
Lastly, it is a well-known fact that Icelandic accommodation is priced by the devil and this may be a chance for travellers to get something back. Turn your bathroom into a steam-room/bar and have a party. If you’re paying a large amount of money, you might as well use a large amount of hot water.

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