From Iceland — Drum Solo B1 at Gallery KlinK & Bank

Drum Solo B1 at Gallery KlinK & Bank

Published August 6, 2004

Drum Solo B1 at Gallery KlinK & Bank

Lortur, a collective of filmmakers and other artists, will open their biennial show, Trommusóló B1, this Friday, August 6th at 5pm in Gallery KlinK & Bank, Brauturholt 1. During the two-day event a myriad of bands will perform including Amina, Forhúð forsetans (trans: The President´s foreskin), Helmes og Dalle, Kimono, Skakkamanage, the Zukakis Mondiano Project, and Útburðir. On Friday evening the art show will open, which features the work of young artists from Iceland, Denmark, and the US. The work on display represents all media including painting, photo, drawing, installations, sculpture and, of course, video. In addition, on Saturday there will be a series of performance pieces beginning at 3pm. To mark the occasion, a catalogue of the show will be made available in which each artist has one page to do whatever he or she wishes. None of the artists have seen what the others have done for the book so it should be a surprise for all involved. Of course the namesake of the series will make an appearance: an open drum set will be available for any and all who wish to make their debut. “We just like this form of music,” Ragnar Bragason, the event coordinator, explains, “A drum solo is a nice thing. Everybody wants to do a solo.”

The Lortur Group has garnered quite a bit of attention locally for their short films and have now begun to branch out into the international film festival circuit. The thrust of the group is embodied in its name. The group’s statement explains, “In Icelandic Lortur means shit, or even a pile of shit. But an older meaning of the word is also food. More accurately; food that one must chew before swallowing. And if those two opposite meanings of the same word are given more speculation, then one could come to the result that food and shit is the same thing.” The statement later explains that the process undertaken by an audience, having to “chew” and “digest” their work, plays heavily in their design. “The viewer must put some effort in the consumption.” What’s more, Lortur is quite clear that they do not want to exclude anything from their work. “There are a lot of subjects and styles in art that only a few talk or think about because it is considered low culture or trash – ugly and tasteless.” The Lortur group take these very subjects on as their art.

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