Plays a type of music that´s very hard to define but apparently goes well down in Japan and recently played at the Sonar festival in Spain. He´s an actual one man band, which must cut down on touring costs. He currently resides in Ísafjörður, where he´s working on further masterpieces. His wrote the soundtrack to upcoming movie Niceland.

More blatantly rock than anyone has dared to be since Guns n´ Roses, and probably sports more tattoos than all other Icelandic bands put together. Which probably says a lot about their music. They´re often away touring in Europe these days, perhaps because they´ve exceeded their credit limit in Bar 11. They may or may not be working on another album.

Bang Gang
Actually a one man band by Barði Jóhannsson who plays with various combinations of sidemen. His cover of Stop in the Name of Love by the Supremes was played a lot on MTV in France, and he´s been spending a lot of time there lately. He says his version is much better than the Supremes. Apparently the French seem to agree.

Singapore Sling
Have a sideband called the God Damn Skunks, of which one review began: “The evening began with forty minutes of feedback, interrupted briefly when the drummer stood up and beat a drum a couple times, then wandered off saying he needed his drugs.” Big in New York, apparently. Their next album, My Life is Killing my Rock and Roll, comes out at the end of July.

The President likes them. So do Central European duchess. If they can get their own brand of stripping down and throwing smokebombs to appeal to the handclapping, as opposed to the jewelrattling classes as well, they´ve got it made. Their latest album, Trabant at Bessastaðir, is available in 12 Tónar at Skólavörðustígur 15.

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