From Iceland — Life In Pictures: Children Know Better

Life In Pictures: Children Know Better

Published July 6, 2018

Life In Pictures: Children Know Better
Phil Uwe Widiger
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Children are the miracle of life. Within no more than nine months, humans have the ability to give birth to a new life that will last many decades. Isn’t that freaking amazing?!

But not only that, children are also born with natural curiosity and wisdom, and often manage to answer the most philosophical questions with the simplest answers. As we grow up, life gets immensely more complicated and we lose the sparkling purity we once possessed as children.

In honour of June 1st, the International Children’s Day, we went to Hjallastefnan pre-school to ask children important questions of life, and to profit from their untainted honesty. This is our tribute to children’s innocence and their sheer joy of life.

Now go out and play!

Grapevine: What is a friend?

Salka (4): Friends hug, play, and are happy together.

Grapevine: What is time?

Hildur (4): Time tells us when we should go somewhere. I also once saw a talking tree with a mouth. Time can come and let it go to sleep.

Grapevine: What is being pregnant?

Starkaður (4): It’s when a woman has a baby in the stomach and it takes a long, long time to come out.

Grapevine: What do you love?

Patrik (4): Candy. I love to eat candy and sometimes food.

Grapevine: What are emotions?

Daníel (5): Emotions are exercise.

Grapevine: What is brave?

Adrian (4): It is when you are not afraid and know how to jump on the trampoline.

Grapevine: What is divorce?

Sigurbjörg (4): That is when people don’t understand each other.

Grapevine: What is Earth?

Lisa (4): It’s a ball. Earth is not here but down there under the floor.

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