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Last Words: Where Should You Go Tonight?

Last Words: Where Should You Go Tonight?

Published September 21, 2016

York Underwood
Photos by
Art Bicnick

You’re here! Oh my! You’ve just arrived, just returned, just landed or just woke up. You’ve seen that church or stood by that pond. You’ve looked up at night, saw the solar flares, or looked down and watched that water bubble and blow. You’ve soaked your bones and blistered your feet. You’ve got lost and tried a new type of meat. But what now?

We’ve just met, in this line, at this table, on this sidewalk or by this bar. You’ve ordered a Gull and tried to click the “Ls” but just managed to spit. You need some advice. What now? You leave tomorrow or the next day or the one after that. What do people here do on a weeknight, the weekend or a Sunday afternoon? Do the drinks cost the same for everybody? How is everyone drunk? Please advise, recommend and lead the way.

Well, don’t fret, world traveller. This may be difficult to comprehend. It’s one street that stretches end to end and most places are on the same side. The right side if you’re heading east or the left if you’re heading west. B5 is an outlier with burgers during the day and beefheads at night. It’s also technically a new street but you won’t notice. There’s Lebowski Bar for the lactose extremely-tolerant, but it’s not for those who consider copyright laws to be in any way necessary or relevant. You can also go to Bravó and end up in a book. Just watch your step on the way in.

 Basically, what I’m saying is you’re on the one street. Yeah, that’s it.”

For those who want to test their immune system, Boston serves food. Dillon serves whiskey, or is it whisky? Mónakó has slot machines. I’m not sure what that means. Basically, what I’m saying is you’re on the one street. Yeah, that’s it.

Ok, there’s places off the one street, at most 50 metres away. If you keep going west, down the new street and crossing into another new street in a straight coinciding line, it becomes a lot easier to understand. There’s English Pub with English things, like dark wood and TVs. There’s American Bar, with American things, like hot sauce and Lenny Kravitz and… TVs. There’s an Irish pub, The Drunk Rabbit, not to be confused with The Dead Rabbit in NYC (no relation), which has Guiness and TVs.  

You can do all these things and more. It’s all there on the one street. There’s even a liquor store, Vínbuðin, open until 18:00 most nights, except when you need it. You could buy your beer there, slightly cheaper, and watch TV in your hotel or AirBnb to your heart’s delight.

There’s no places, really, for an early breakfast, so just sleep in and meet me on the one street tomorrow evening.

Rinse and Repeat.

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