From Iceland — Hiding in Plain Sight

Hiding in Plain Sight

Published August 21, 2014

Remote viewer Aaron C. Hanson talks remote viewing, Hidden People and Iceland’s “Next Most Significant Event”

Hiding in Plain Sight
Larissa Kyzer

Remote viewer Aaron C. Hanson talks remote viewing, Hidden People and Iceland’s “Next Most Significant Event”

In early 2014, we at Reykjavík Grapevine were forwarded a hand-drawn image entitled “Huldufolk [sic] of Iceland Remote Viewed.” The simple line drawing surrounded by redacted text was rather unlike any images of huldufólk that we had ever seen, a not at all humanoid, almost tentacled figure that appeared to be projecting some sort of light. And although not all (or maybe any) of us were terribly convinced by the drawing and its accompanying ”conclusions” (opaque statements such as “Partially amorphous cortical homunculi (sensory)”), we enjoyed it enough to share the image on our Facebook page.

Well, it turns out that The Internet is a pretty small place. Indeed, the drawing’s author, Aaron C. Hanson, saw that we had posted his image and got in touch with us. Aaron is a remote viewer (see sidebar), and told us that in addition to having psychically observed huldufólk from his physical location in the U.S., he had also pinpointed what he referred to as “Iceland’s Next Most Significant Event,” a major volcanic eruption which projected an image, ominously, of “lingering death.”

Now, Aaron himself noted that “predicting volcanism within a region of our planet such as Iceland is akin to predicting rain in Mawsynram, Meghalaya State, India…(the wettest place on earth).” Nevertheless, he believes that as “an extreme explorer of what is possible within the field of remote viewing, I might also be uniquely qualified to reveal some significant events,” adding that he has “the distinction of revealing the Fukushima nuclear accident prior to the incident in 2011.”

Intrigued, we asked Aaron to answer some questions about remote viewing, his huldufólk discovery, and the forthcoming, but as yet, unclear “significant event.” Prior to replying to these queries, however, he wanted to set the record straight on a couple things: “I am nothing like an untrained psychic and as such the very idea of psychic functioning is something that I now shun due to the abundance of fraudulent activities of unscrupulous kooks, criminals, and other misinformed ‘mediums’ taking advantage of an unsuspecting public.”

What lead you to seek for Hidden People in Iceland using your remote viewing talents?
Following a recent media barrage of lighthearted ridicule for those experiencing Iceland’s Huldufólk (Hidden People), I decided to use one of the best intellectual tools at hand in which to explore the phenomenon. A blind session was then given to another professional remote viewer that independently matched several key elements within my own data. Combined, these and other results confirmed my earlier suspicions that huldufólk represent a dynamic form of mythological information. However “imaginative” this may seem to the uninitiated and close-minded majority here in the west, there clearly exists the evidence and means of independent verification.

How is seeking out a non-human or supernatural being using remote viewing different than seeking out a human target?
In the early years of remote viewing, any determination of something human pertained to either an active form of life or something inactive such as a corpse. Today, all viewers must regard the human being as a complex system of information that is either historically active or incomplete.

Likewise, any determination of “life” as opposed to “non-life” remains within the confines of what we ultimately determine as information. Non-human sources of information such as huldufólk represent a constructive part of the human mind co-existing outside of time. Projections represent meaning and with ritual and mythological development, cultural advantages often emerge. Causation as per the aforementioned phenomenon is, in this context, very important.

Can you locate objects or animals as well as human or supernatural beings?
In order to locate an object such as a structure upon a planet within a universe of galaxies, one must become familiar with the lexical meaning of the object as purely a source of relative information. As a remote viewer, I see little difference between one source and the next outside of time.

As human beings, we are no more important than the information required of our journey from the dust of stars to that of complete oblivion.

Animals are in fact complex systems that are bound collectively, whereas human beings have intellectually evolved to negotiate such limitations for which the question of technological permanence and the probability of extinction presents a new paradigm. As we further scale these sources back to that of prokaryotic organisms, a collective means of communication and its important role for evolutionary survival becomes radiantly clear. Again, be it a dead star within some distant galaxy or odd else, a highly skilled and experienced remote viewer can locate anything as a relative source of information.

Do you have to direct your sight towards a specific target, or can you simply make yourself open to anything?  If the latter, how do you decide what to focus in on?
Viewers such as myself utilize our training and development as means of attention management while piecing together bits of information accessed from outside of normal states of awareness. This is done through a strict set of protocols that act as a ritual by which the noise of consciousness is temporarily displaced. What remains involves a preconscious process that facilitates a more precise filtering of data. For example, we use a cue in which to limit some ambiguity within our search.

According to the “In Search of Psychic Spies” Sci-Fi Channel program you were featured in, you’ve used your remote viewing talents to assist with military initiatives. How do you decide what kind of projects you take part in?
A predictable change happens to the majority of those who first learn to remote view. Initially, any fundamental reality that remains of birth is no longer taken for granted and quite often, appropriate questions emerge enhancing psycho-social development. Empathy for others and especially a concern for innocence is often one of the leading stages of development inherent to the process of successful and prolonged states of awareness obtained while remote viewing seemingly unrelated subjects.

This is why I believe that military involvement will no longer occur as a powerful means of enhancing the intelligence work of field agents, etc. The systematic programming of soldiers to accept psychopathy rather than empathy is required of defense and other strategic capabilities in which to effectively kill an enemy. Unfortunately, many policing agencies around the world require similar forms of programming, elevating altruism apart from empathy.  Again, remote viewing will not for this reason appeal to those wishing to combat criminal behavior. In spite of this, many of my own choices conform to the idea of justice and the enhancement of empathy, especially in the wake of an early form of technological existence.

Is there a moral quandary to seeking out people or beings (such as the Hidden People) who perhaps don’t want to be found?
Secrets hide best where they are most seen. What I am suggesting here is that the illusion of secrecy has its place especially when it comes to loyalty and national security although there can be no moral equivalent to that of our inalienable right to survive.

Have you experienced failures or particular difficulties when trying to locate a remote viewing target?
The greatest success is clearly defined by an extreme ability to withstand failure. It is with patience, persistence, and perseverance that the opportunity to learn and further develop skill occurs most efficiently. We can be thankful for the error as without it, our existence would never have occurred and most importantly, our intellectual evolution would not be possible without the violation of expectation. Ergo, the most successful viewers such as myself learn best from their mistakes and carry on.

This being said, remote viewing is far from perfect and essentially, it acts very much like a basic program on which more advanced programs depend.

Are you able to communicate with something or someone that you find using remote viewing? Can your target communicate messages to you?
Perhaps the best way to do this would be to remote view the point of one’s own death. In my case, I found that a future man carrying a belly gun with its handle wrapped in grey duct tape would eventually point a loaded .38 caliber gun toward my left temple and shoot. This was viewed by myself along with blind targets determined by three other viewers.

Months following these sessions, an incident occurred in which a man walked up to me from behind as I had been refueling my vehicle in Oakland, California, USA. As the man approached, I noticed that he was attempting to pull a gun that had been carefully tucked in his waist and in fact this gun had been partially wrapped in duct tape! Acting instinctively, I immediately threw my keys on the ground and ran from the vehicle at an oblique angle opposing his view. When safely away I noticed that the man and alarming situation fit the description of my death as it had been remote viewed. I am alive today because of this and remain fascinated with developing the means to look optimally toward any future.

Do you see any particular benefits of being able to communicate with the Hidden People in Iceland?
Just as the indigenous population of the Sumatra knew to run for higher ground following an event preempting a deadly tsunami in 2004, we know that survival may be optimized when such populations retain and continue to develop their own mythological relations to the environment. I believe that the hallucinatory phenomena of huldufólk presents a unique means of communicating the inherent dangers of geological changes within an immediate area. Furthermore, I believe that the persistence of huldufólk represents a measure of some geo-magnetic changes. The brain is simply responding to these changes resulting in a hallucinatory manner by which some form of the homunculus is projected.

“Sadly, some of the people of Iceland are living upon borrowed geological time and I had no idea of the danger at hand for Iceland prior to viewing the Huldufólk.”

How are your remote viewings of the Hidden People and the forthcoming “significant event” related?
When simply looking at the possible legitimacy and causation of the hallucinatory phenomenon, I found a great lingering of death, suffering, and a blue haze emanating from sightings. Knowing very little of the effects of volcanism, I did not suspect anything within the initial data beyond a need to look further as to the meaning of a repeating analytical overlay. When giving this as a blind target to another well respected viewer, identical patterns of information emerged, suggesting a major incident involving volcanism will occur in the near future of Iceland. Thinking of this, I could not initially conclude any significance due to the fact that predicting a volcano within the region is like predicting a snow storm on Mt. Everest. The reason that I have decided to include the extra data involves the unusual level of destruction that this event seems to suggest. I am quite certain that this represents a rather large spike along a time-line of major events. In a way, huldufólk seem to be suggesting to us that magnetic changes could spike before a major incident, ergo sightings could very well increase accordingly.

What I found within the huldufólk data was not expected. As viewers we look at major events that spike above the average on a time-line and as it seems, something is very different about this data shadowing an event or series of events related to a sulphur-like haze, “lingering death”, and possible evacuation. Although the data in question requires more detailed work, it definitely shows the devastating consequences of volcanism on a scale rarely seen. This is Iceland’s “most significant future event.” Sadly, some of the people of Iceland are living upon borrowed geological time and I had no idea of the danger at hand for Iceland prior to viewing the huldufólk.

"Iceland's Most Significant Event" remote viewed by Aaron Hanson

“Iceland’s Most Significant Event” remote viewed by Aaron Hanson

How does remote viewing work when predicting or determining a natural disaster or catastrophe?
More is known today about the process of viewing events that involve human casualty. We now know that the disastrous consequence of some natural events need not involve the sorrowful loss and sufferings of humanity due to improper decisions. As I have always said, each and every human death is a suicide. We can either pretend that fate trumps the decisive process or face the inevitable truth of our existence to which we must both take action and accept responsibility.

Clearly, there is a reality tunnel for humanity that first requires the informed choice in which collective decisions are made. These decisions, along with entropy, define the arrow of events upon a time-line. In this regard we have a most significant and powerful tool for which these and other informed choices can be made. Avoiding human casualty is possible, provided that all means and sources of information are efficiently explored in order to make the right decisions. Without remote viewing and the advancements associated with it, this will never be possible.

You indicated that remote viewing could be taught to children—can anyone learn this skill, or do you need to have a particular talent or gift?
The very first nation to teach its children to remote view will in three generations become the most influential and intellectually advanced nation that the world has ever known. Not only can children learn this most essential tool for decision making, but adults of any age can benefit from learning how to operate the brain after years of neglect. It is important to know that malleability during the early developing stages will optimize outcomes for society. As you are reading this now, many children could be given the chance to learn remote viewing during critical stages of brain development. This represents an opportunity for an evolutionary leap during a time in which collective problem solving beyond the information age has become most critical.

A Brief History And Explanation Of Remote Viewing

Aaron C. Hanson is a practitioner of “remote viewing,” a psychic process which attempts to use extrasensory perception in order to create a clear mental image of distant objects, people and places. Remote viewers believe that we are constantly surrounded by electrified particles of information, information that can then be psychically harvested by those who are attuned to it.

In theory, given something as basic as a black and white photo or the first name of a ”target,” a remote viewer should be able to pinpoint that person’s exact location, no matter where he or she is. But remote viewers can also have “blind sessions,” viewing sessions in which they sift through psychic data without looking for anything specific, and discover “blind targets.”

The term “remote viewing” was coined by parapsychological researchers Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ at the Stanford Research Institute in 1972, although it didn’t really enter the popular imagination until the 1990s, when the U.S. government declassified documents related to its Star Gate Project. Star Gate was a $20 million initiative that U.S. intelligence agencies sponsored in the hopes of finding a military application for psychic phenomena. The project was discontinued in 1995, having failed to produce any concrete results, although proponents of the program claim that there were several gains made, such as the identification of a new class of Soviet strategic submarines.

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