From Iceland — Roosh V. Who?

Roosh V. Who?

Published June 24, 2014

Roosh V. Who?
Gabríel Benjamin
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Daniel Freyr Atlason

Roosh Vorek, real name Daryush Valizadeh, is a 35-year-old American known for a series of books that give instructions on “how to pick up women” using various tactics and mind games (people like Roosh are often called “pickup artists or PUAs–the group was made infamous by writer Neil Strauss in his 2005 book ‘The Game: Penetrating The Secret Society of Pickup Artists’).

In 2011, Roosh added ‘Bang Iceland,’ to his series of books detailing how to trick women into sex in different countries across the globe (other entries include ‘Bang Ukraine’ and ‘Bang Poland’). The book purports to offer “sex tourists” advice on how they may bed as many attractive locals as possible through tricks and guile (or as he calls it, improving their “game”).

Roosh is a self-described “anti-feminist,” and in his writings argues for and justifies men’s dominant position over women through a post-hoc Darwinistic view of biological and social evolution, in which men have a “very pressing urge for fornication.” As someone who claims he turned his sex life around by learning good “game,” Roosh offers pickup artists advice on a regular basis online. He is regularly criticized for the blatant misogyny he promotes in his writings, among other things constantly referring to women as “sluts” and “whores” if they have had more than a couple of lovers while offering his male followers articles such as “How To Cheat On Your Girlfriend Without Getting Caught.”

While some of Roosh’s observations of Reykjavík nightlife and dating culture in ‘Bang Iceland,’ seem accurate, the overall viewpoint he espouses is detestable and sad. In the spirit of this issue, we reached out to Roosh and shot him some questions.

“We can start to examine a woman’s behaviour: their lies, their disrespect, their manipulations, their cheatful ways, and their unreliable behaviour where they cancel dates at the last minute with no valid excuse. So if I’m unethical, they are more so.”


What can you tell us about your experience of dating culture in Iceland? Do you think Icelanders are a nation ripe for the picking for pickup artists?

I did not find a dating culture. I found a sex culture fuelled almost entirely by alcohol, where people need to drink obscene amounts of liquor just to have intimacy. I’m not complaining, because my penis did benefit from this system, but it did seem weird to me that people had to detach themselves from their humanity with alcohol just to physically connect with another person. Iceland is not a good place for “pickup artists,” since girls here will be too drunk to appreciate any type of charm or wit, but it’s great for alcoholics who also happen to be good looking.

What kind of feedback have you gotten since publishing ‘Bang Iceland?’ Have you heard similar success stories from other pickup artists who’ve visited Iceland?

The feedback I received from ‘Bang Iceland’ was 99.9% negative from people who were from Iceland. I was told that if I were to return to Iceland, my skull would be smashed and my testicles ripped out from my body, but that was three years ago so I think it’s safe to return again as long as I wear a disguise. Thankfully, my American readers enjoyed the book. Many American guys who bought it did go on to have success in Iceland with my advice, especially my tip to wait until the very end of the night to make your move on a girl. There is no point in trying to talk to an Icelandic girl early in the night before she has reached her maximum intoxication level.

After my book came out, about ten or so Icelandic girls emailed me to say they agreed with what I said. I tried to develop a long-distance romance with these girls so that I could have sex with them in the future, but no romance developed and I have not fornicated with an Icelandic girl since 2011. I hope that one day I will sleep with an Icelandic girl again.


In ‘Bang Iceland’ you talk about techniques such as hitting women with the “guilt” routine, with the goal of getting them to sleep with you. Do you think it is ethical to trick women into sleeping with you in this manner?

If you want to argue that my routines are unethical, which I’m sure you can, then we can start to examine a woman’s behaviour: their lies, their disrespect, their manipulations, their cheatful ways, and their unreliable behaviour where they cancel dates at the last minute with no valid excuse. So if I’m unethical, they are more so. Dating is sometimes like a battle, and only the person who has the most weapons will succeed in getting what they want before they get screwed. I did not make this rule, but it is reality, not just in Iceland, but all over the world. I feel sorry for any man who goes into battle without his weapons.

You’ve stated in no uncertain terms that if the mass-murderer Elliot Rodgers had learned to be a pickup artist from you, he would never have gone on his killing spree. Do you not think that men’s belief that they are entitled to sex is the driving force behind their violence against women, rather than the supposed cruelty of women who refuse their advances?

Gabríel, if you really think that “sex entitlement” drives men to mass murder, I have a New York bridge that I want to sell you at a discount price. Use your brain for a minute instead of believing every piece of nonsense that feminists tell you. I’m ready to give you free copies of all my books so that you can be de-brainwashed.

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