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Top 5´s

Published September 4, 2008

Top 5´s
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Gísli Galdur

Gísli Galdur (left) a.k.a. DJ Magic is a notorious DJ and a musician in
Reykjavík known to fire up every venue he shows up at. It isn’t easy
following his enigmatic actions but these days he’s finishing recording
a full length with his fellow-flakes in Motion Boys, remixing Sigur
Rós’s latest single with Dj Sexy Lazer as a part of their “HumanWoman”
project. Besides that he is establishing a electro-rockabilly
phenomenon which has hitherto been extremely mysterious, but will soon
be revealed.


1. Jimi Tenor at Sirkus, 2006
A solo act where Jimi played the rhodes, the bass, several synths, the
flute, the sax and accompanied the lot with some singing. Sirkus was
completely packed like a box of sardines.
2. Móri at Grandrokk, 2002
Móri had recently published his full length (which is my opinion one of
the greatest Icelandic hip-hop albums ever).. The sound was crappy
which resulted in Móri attacking the soundman who he found to be the
3. Sucarcubes, 2006
Great concert where each band member showed their true colors. I had
never seen the Sugarcubes since a was a toddler so the whole thing was
really amusing
4. Trabant at Sirkus, 2007
Insane gig! Raggi performed on the bar as a tribute for his
schoolfellows from The Homemaker School, Hlynur jerked off the guitar
and I went crazy on the drums.
5. Gus Gus at Nasa
Biggi Veira and the President were as good as ever that particular
night and somehow everything turned out to be spotless (as opposed to
regularly with Gus Gus). When the pop idol Páll Óskar showed up and
performed Need In Me I swear I thought the roof was gonna go off.

Hrafnhildur Guðrúnardóttir
Hrafnhildur (centre) is a fashion designer raised in Reykjavík. She
graduated from the Icelandic Academy of Art in 2004 and has since then
designed for various scenes such as advertisements, theatre and design
clothing for several musicians such as GusGus and Ólöf Arnalds.
Hrafnhildur has lived in Petersburg and in Paris and recently
established the label ‘Hidden Goods.’


1. Vitabar
A local bar boasting of the best burger in Reykjavík: the infamous
Forget-me-not burger. The accompanying fries are crispy and extremely
large so the meal’s a genuine Hang-over killer.
2. Dominos
When the hangover is giving you the hardest time you can barely move
out of the sofa. What better to do then but order in a pizza and in
that case Dominos Classic never fails.
3. Vox lunch buffet
If you want to offer your hag-ridden body a treat then the lunch buffet
at Vox is the first choice. It’s a bit expensive but it’s really
gourmet. It offers both several greasy products as well as healthy
4. Eldsmiðjan
The pizzas offered at Eldsmiðjan will never let you down! My favourite
is the calzone and the pepperoni and cream cheese pizza. Crispy,
brickoven pizza, saturated with garlic sauce; does it get any better?
5. Krua Thai
The Chicken Panang is one of Krua Thai’s finest dishes, and extremely
appropriate when you’ve overdosed on burgers and pizzas (which of
course happens rarely).

Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson
Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson (right) is a creature of horror mostly to
himself.  He was born in Akureyri in 1977 and has lived in Reykjavik,
Hannover, Berlin, Vienna and Den Haag.  His view on life comes out
immediately when he has a canvas in his left hand and a brush filled
with thick black Chinese ink in his right hand. The life of Sigmarsson
is based on the delicate human balance of life and death on an
ever-tipping scale towards an inevitable bleak death. He once said that
the weight of space rides on his mind like a 4 headed horse, going
different directions, tearing his tied down body apart.
1. Hrafn Gunnlaugsson (Film Director)
This is the man who introduced me and many other Icelanders to the
master director Ingmar Bergman and this is definitely the nearest to
Bergman Icelandic film directors can get
2. Stefan Jonsson fra Möðrudal A.K.A. Stórval (Artist)
I remember seeing Stórval singing and selling his paintings out in the
streets of downtown Reykjavik and his appearance had a very strong
influence on me.
3. Guðmunda Elíasdottir (Opera Singer & Actress)
She’s AMAZING!  Her beautiful voice, face expressions and body
movements are totally mind-blowing.  She has influenced both my alter
ego (“The Shivering Man”) and me a lot. 
4. Vigdis Finnbogadottir (Former President of Iceland)
When asked to make this top 5 list, she was the first person to pop up
in my mind.  Which says it all about Vigdís Finnbogadóttir.  For me she
represents Iceland.
5. Snorri Ásmundsson (Artist)
Snorri is not only my favorite Icelandic artist but also my dearest
friend.  He is the sanest person that I know.  When I’m feeling down
about something, what ever it is, Snorri will be the first one to hear
about the problem.

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