From Iceland — Shout Out: Hið Myrka Man

Shout Out: Hið Myrka Man

Published January 7, 2017

Shout Out: Hið Myrka Man
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Magnus Andersen

The Fifth Grapevine Music Awards
Shout Out: Hið Myrka Man

During the last Iceland Airwaves festival, people heard talk of a secret music gathering in Reykjavík’s harbour area of Grandi. It turned out to be true: there was a mysterious private music festival going on called MYRKRAMAKT, that was “private” in the sense that the festival was explicitly not advertised in the media. Until now. Because: what’s so ooky-spooky and “kvlt” about self-promotion, anyway?

Myrkramakt was organized by Hið Myrka Man, a new Icelandic indie label focusing on young and up-and-coming musicians making tunes in the more shadowy realms of music. People like Skrattar, Dulvitund, Kuldaboli and myself, being the only hip-hop act, performed and wilded out in a secret location, surrounded by many strange and like-minded individuals. The atmosphere toggled between violent and satanic to give that thrilling, almost utopian feeling you sometimes get when a party is going really, really well. And the pigs didn’t show up either!

Myrkramakt is a great project because they’re very good at picking up on young underground artists in Iceland you’ve never heard of, who tend to be on the darker side of the spectrum. Peep their two compilations on their Bandcamp for everything from cold-hearted post-punk to jaded electro and depressive darkwave. So far the only projects or festivals in Iceland dedicated solely to dark and heavy music are either heavy metal-related, like the Andkristni festival, or neo-classical, like Dark Music Days. However, metal and classical heads can definitely find something here to their liking, as Myrkramakt’s roster is pretty eclectic.

So, put down the sunshine pop and positive waves for 2017 and absorb some real dark shit instead. It goes better with the seasonal depression!

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