From Iceland — Your Weekly Postcard From Reykjavík - Last Week Of Winter

Your Weekly Postcard From Reykjavík – Last Week Of Winter

Your Weekly Postcard From Reykjavík – Last Week Of Winter

Haukur S. Magnússon
Photo by
Jón Benediktsson

Published April 19, 2015

Here’s some good news: According to ancient Viking elfin Northern Lights tradition, Sumardagurinn fyrsti – Iceland’s Official First Day Of Summer – will occur next Thursday, April 23. According to current weather forecasts, the good people of Reykjavík can expect grey skies, and temperatures peaking at 3°C to accompany their summer celebrations. It’ll also be hella windy, but then, Reykjavík is always hella windy. Those Boy Scout troops planning to march in the traditional “Welcome back, summer!” parades had better remember to bring their lopapeysa, is all we’re saying.

Now. Since we are about to enjoy our Official Last Winter Weekend of 2015, you should make a point of really enjoying it. Like,really enjoying it. Gorge on fatty goods, drink gallons of hard liquor, burn candles, bundle up, read several novels, knit sweaters, soak in a hot tub, visit your grandmother, play a game of RISK. Once that yellow meanie starts burning incessantly at all hours, there will be no time for any of that.

Also, you should make sure to patronize some of your favourite local coffeeshops and bakeries this weekend. We hear Dunkin’ Donuts are planning on invading these shores before long, and according to some of our Facebook friends, this can only mean the imminent destruction of Icelandic coffee culture. Sort of like how we stopped eating whale and horse meat after McDonalds set up shop back in the ’90s.

Pictured: View from our office on Friday.

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