Free Pink Street Boys Album! Free Editorial! Free Love!

Free Pink Street Boys Album! Free Editorial! Free Love!

Free Pink Street Boys Album! Free Editorial! Free Love!

Editorial In Chief

Published August 29, 2014

Editorial In Chief

Here is a short editorial, inspired by the late, great Bill Gates and his vision, which continues to warm our hearts and our thighs through our pockets, via sturdy, glowing Gorilla Glass:

Here’s to the volcanos. The eruptions. The shaking moneymakers. The ones who remind the world that, yes, we exist. While some may see them as extremely dangerous and not to be trifled with, we see them as tremendous opportunities for market expansion, advanced brand awareness building and vast merchandizing profits.

Because the people who are arrogant enough to shamelessly exploit potentially catastrophic events, are the ones who make bank.




Here is a review of Pink Street Boys’ cassette-exclusive release, which is called Trash From The Boys:

Trash From The Boys is the best Icelandic album I have heard for a long time. It might be the best Icelandic album ever made. That might well be. I don’t know.

Like a 21st century version of a younger, angrier, hungrier, dirtier, perverser, more cynical, more poisonus, more self-destructiverer version of that band Singapore Sling (I really miss Singapore Sling), Pink Street Boys provide a perfect and, frankly, much-needed antidote to all that hey! business that’s been contaminating our airwaves of late.

This is neither wholesome nor pretty. I haven’t been able to discern any lyrics, but I’m fairly certain they’ll prove kind of dumb and exciting. The band themselves don’t come off as particularly handsome or smart. I’m not sure they’re great at playing their instruments. I love them. I love their album.

They’re just what Reykjavík, needs.

Thank you, Pink Street Boys.

Download the album here.

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