From Iceland — Anti-Whalers Respond To Ben Frost

Anti-Whalers Respond To Ben Frost

Anti-Whalers Respond To Ben Frost

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Published January 29, 2009

22nd January 2009
Ref: Ben Frost Responds To Anti Whalers.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have just read Mr Ben Frost’s letter in reply to a letter received from a German citizen who is protesting against Icelandic whaling. The man’s letter obviously touches a nerve for Mr Frost to respond to the German in such a rude and insulting manor.
Interestingly, Mr Frost states in his letter, that the way in which a whale is slaughtered is ‘barbaric and cruel’ and goes on to say, he supports increased whaling catch-quotas. In contrast, the majority of the world’s public find this barbarism, cruelty and catch-quotas totally inexcusable, unacceptable and unjustifiable!

Irrespective of Mr Frost’s feelings, rude vindictive letters, written under a cloud of red mist serve no meaningful purpose but only adds fuel to what is already a volatile and controversial subject and should be consigned to the trash bin.
With the threat of a European Boycott of Icelandic products in protest over Icelandic whaling, it would surely be madness and irresponsible of the Icelandic government to ignore such warnings by continuing to support the out-dated whaling industry. To do so, in the light of Iceland’s economic crisis, would subject the people of Iceland to further unnecessary hardship!
In concluding, if Mr Frost cannot express himself without being rude, abusive and insulting, then he should stick to composing, as he has not done your country any favours with his letter writing.

Yours faithfully,
Victor R. Machin. (UK)

Read Ben’s original opinion here.

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