From Iceland — All Expression Reduced To A Single ‘Like’

All Expression Reduced To A Single ‘Like’

Published January 24, 2012

All Expression Reduced To A Single ‘Like’

Icelandic media reported yesterday that thirty-two year old Loftur Gunnarsson suffered a heart attack on Laugavegur last Friday, and died at a hospital a few hours later.
Loftur, who DV described as a tall, thin man with a long beard and exceptionally blue eyes, was widely recognized as a homeless man on the streets of downtown Reykjavík.
As one can see in the comments section of the story DV ran, many people were touched by his death. However, many more expressed their feelings by simply “liking” the story via Facebook.
We wonder if this is the future of human expression?


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Enough. Stop. Now.

Enough. Stop. Now.


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