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Stuff We Like!

Published February 18, 2010

Stuff We Like!

Aurora Borealis. Northern Lights. Yeah. Those are pretty amazing. And they were here yesterday and the day before…
Yes, they were all hanging out in the sky over Reykjavík-town for the last couple of nights, we’ve got the pictures to prove it! Our awesome new editorial intern Anna Andersen was so fortunate as to have brought her camera AND tripod out, and was thus able to shoot the pictures accompanying this post. Revel in the glory of yesterday’s Aurora, and join us in hoping this is the start of some cool new Aurora-over-Reykjavík trend that will last the winter through. Because, see, they’ve been strangely absent this winter, making us wonder if the Brits and Dutch haven’t claimed them as some sort of Icesave consolation prize (or alternatively if our government pawned them off somewhere.
Here’s to Ms. Andersen for shooting such nice Auroragraphs, and here’s to the Northern Lights and their vibrant, colourful glory.

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Enough. Stop. Now.


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