From Iceland — Stuff We Like!

Stuff We Like!

Published March 6, 2009

Stuff We Like!

What ever you do, remember to come for this AWESOME one night only event that is at GRAND ROKK AT TONIGHT. 9pm/21.00/twenty one hundred hours.
If there would be a FREE BEER FOR EVERYONE I would be telling y’all about that now. But there’s no free beer tonight. It”s going to be AWESOME regardless. I mean it’s a FREE concert with SIX BANDS (the band’s names are all secret for some reason)!!!!
Free beer is like, soooo 2007 anyway.
You’re going to have so much GOOD TIMES that you’ll puke HAPPINESS for a month!!!
Full disclosure: this edition of Stuff We Like! was written by Grapevine’s very own ad-salesman, Aðalsteinn MF Jörundsson (pictured), who will be performing tonight as the charming AMFJ. We’re still very honest in saying that we like it.

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Enough. Stop. Now.

Enough. Stop. Now.


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