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Stuff We Like!

Published March 3, 2009

Stuff We Like!
The good people of Já.is have
apparently been hard at work these last years programming a nifty tool
to help Icelanders and their visitors find their way around the place,
thereby stepping far above and beyond their original role as telephone
directory (you can still look up phone numbers, don’t worry).
While mapping our tiny island doesn’t seem like such a feat, GoogleMaps and other web-based mapping and directorial services have shied away from the task thus far (as we’ve reported),
leaving us with mere paper maps for guidance. And those need to be
folded and carried around and stuff, and such chores are far too much
for us important modern folk to handle. Enter Já.is
and their awesome new version of web-based information sharing. It’s
pretty impressive. You can look up people, places, goods and/or
services and they in turn show you their location on a map and can even
give you pretty reliable directions, too.
Add the fact that the service is now fully integrated to work for you
English-speaking types, and you’ve got yourself a pretty sweet deal
right there. It’s also free, and relievingly unconnected to Google’s
information hegemony. And did we mention that they have an interactive
distance calculator? ‘Cause they do!
Head right on over for some goods and services distance calculating action, free of charge!
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