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Stuff We Like!

Published January 14, 2009

Stuff We Like!

There is coffee, and then there is coffee. The kind that makes your mouth foam with delight at the mere thought of it. The kind that can wake you up from a horrible day’s slumber, instantaneously dry your  snow-wet feet,  sweep the January blackness straight out of mind and bring you to a warm and fuzzy place where endless kittens run around playing with giant balls of yarn and those naked, married kids from the “Love Is” cartoon hang out by a fire. The kind that makes the trains run on time, and the government resign.The kind of coffee that makes everything alright.
Kaffifélagið at Skólavörðustígur doesn’t always deliver such coffee, but it has been known to happen. And when it does, you’ll want to be there.
Well. Maybe I’m exaggerating about the whole kitten thing. But the cup I just had over there certainly turned my day around and contributed a great deal to my happiness. And Kaffifélagið is such a likable little coffeeshop. They make their coffee according to the standards set by the Italian Espresso Council, and their interior decorations are black, and their staff (when you’re lucky) is usually very knowledgeable about the product they sell.
That double-latté earlier kicked my ass. I suggest you try one. ‘

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Enough. Stop. Now.


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