From Iceland — Presidential Candidates: Ásdís Rán Gunnarsdóttir

Presidential Candidates: Ásdís Rán Gunnarsdóttir

Published May 9, 2024

Presidential Candidates: Ásdís Rán Gunnarsdóttir
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Ásdís Rán

In light of the upcoming Icelandic presidential elections, we reached out to all candidates for answers to our pressing questions. Here is what one of them said. 

Ásdís Rán Gunnarsdóttir

Please provide your name, age and current occupation.

Ásdís Rán Gunnarsdóttir, 44, model and businesswoman.

Why do you want to be president?  

I have faith that the presidential office could be used well in service to the nation — much better than it has until now — and I believe I could do great things for the nation as president. 

Why should people vote for you rather than another candidate? 

As a candidate, I will not make empty promises with political nonsense, but you can think of me as a woman who is not afraid of rising up when things get difficult, who articulates her views. A woman who understands the struggle of everyday life and believes in the great possibilities of us all as well as instilling hope for old and new generations. 

There’s no single recipe for a president, each and every one brings its special strength, passion and exciting innovations to the table. I think it would be fantastic marketing for Iceland to vote a woman like myself to the office, whereas alongside my modelling career I have operated as Iceland’s unofficial ambassador in my work abroad these last few decades and have participated in various business endeavours as well as representing Iceland in interviews and events. 

My theory is that we don’t need more politicians, academics or powerful people in the presidential office. 

What is not the role of the president? 

The president should not participate in party politics and it is not their role to introduce new legislation, but they need to confirm it and have veto powers according to the constitution, calling for a national referendum. 

What are your views on the Presidential veto powers?  

The president is our only popularly elected representative and the nation’s safety valve in dire circumstances. We need to keep these powers within the presidential office and have the opportunity to use them in special circumstances. 

What are your thoughts on constitutional reform? 

In light of the global developments happening over these last few decades, I think some details of the constitution could be updated. However, it’s completely in the hands of government to look into these things. 

If elected, how do you envision your interactions with other heads of state? 

All interactions with heads of states should comply with the office’s rules. My role, however, relates more to impressing them, educating them about our country and nation and appearing positively as Iceland’s representative. 

This article includes the full, un-cut, responses of one presidential candidate. Click here to see what the other candidates said

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