From Iceland — Presidential Candidates: Arnar Þór Jónsson

Presidential Candidates: Arnar Þór Jónsson

Published May 9, 2024

Presidential Candidates: Arnar Þór Jónsson

In light of the upcoming Icelandic presidential elections, we reached out to all candidates for answers to our pressing questions. Here is what one of them said. 

Arnar Þór Jónsson

Please provide your name, age and current occupation. 

Arnar Þór Jónsson, 52, attorney.

Why do you want to be president?  

Icelandic democracy is in serious decay. To restore it and defend it, we need a concentrated effort. The grassroot has to be reinvigorated and weak representatives must be replaced by strong and courageous representatives who work not for themselves but for the people of Iceland. 

Why should people vote for you for president rather than another candidate? 

I have pledged to defend Western values, defend our constitution, our democracy, our country, our language, our heritage. 

What is the role of the president and how will you fulfil it? 

To serve the people of Iceland.

What is not the role of the president? 

The president shall not serve any private interest or any foreign powers.

If elected, what would be your first order of business as president? 

To put a cross on the church at Bessastaðir.

If elected, would you put a cap on how many terms you would foresee yourself serving? 

I would think two terms should be enough. 

What are your views on the Presidential veto powers?  

The president has this right according to the constitution, but this should be used only in emergencies, i.e. whenever a legislation threatens to breach the constitution, transfer state powers to foreign entities etc.

In what circumstances do you think is appropriate to use presidential veto powers? 

If the constitution is being breached. If human rights are on the line.

What are your thoughts on constitutional reform? 

As a liberal, I am not wholly against constitutional reform, but think that any reform should be done very carefully so that no rights and freedoms are lost. As a conservative, I think we should respect every provision that has proved good and useful, and not change unless we are certain we have found a way to improve.

If elected, how do you envision your interactions with other heads of state? 

On peaceful terms, with co-operation in mind and with the aim of strengthening the bonds of friendship. 

If you have a spouse/partner, how active do they envision themselves during your time at Bessastaðir? 

My wife, Hrafnhildur Sigurðardóttir, will support me in every way. She is strong, caring and intelligent and a fantastic role model for others. Her main field of interest is the health and happiness of people, especially children and young adults. As a first lady, she would bring this care to the whole population of Iceland.

Which former president would you aspire to emulate and why? 

George Washington, for his bravery, his mild manners, his legacy.

This article includes the full, un-cut, responses of one presidential candidate. Click here to see what the other candidates said

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