From Iceland — Grapevine Events: Wasteland Iceland, Krossfest I, Kraftgalli & More

Grapevine Events: Wasteland Iceland, Krossfest I, Kraftgalli & More

Published February 9, 2024

Grapevine Events: Wasteland Iceland, Krossfest I, Kraftgalli & More
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Joana Fontinha

The volcano is almost dead, the weekend is here and it seems like there’s a lot going on: gigs, exhibitions, matching tattoos? What’s not to like. We’ve selected some of our favourite happenings in town below. For more, head to our event’s calendar at or browse through the events section of the printed issue.

Bratz – Residency Sharing by Júlía Kolbrún Sigurðardóttir

Friday February 9 — 19:00 — Studio 1, Dansverkstæðið, Hjarðarhagi 47, 107 Reykjavik — Free

What does it mean to be a girl in a “girlworld”? Artist Júlía Kolbrún Sigurðardóttir explores the concepts of “the brat” and “selfishness” (self-love) to understand the essence of “how the ‘girlworld’ functions and whether it is considered negative to embody traits like being a brat, a little selfish, loving oneself and doing what a girl desires.” Through her solo performance, Júlía aims to invite the audience to observe the Bratz utopia. IZ

WASTELAND ICELAND exhibition opening

Saturday February 10 17:00 — Nordic House — Free

Everybody knows that consumption is bad. Every piece of clothing you buy, every book you receive as a gift but never read — the list goes on and on. Can we minimize the amounts of waste in Iceland? And how? Through the exhibition titled “Wasteland Iceland,” the Danish-Icelandic company Lendager looks at solutions and future concepts for how we can use Icelandic materials with care. IZ

Krossfest I

Saturday February 10 18:00 — Völvufell 17 (Stelpur Rokka) —1.500 ISK / pwyc

Get ready, folks – only seven months until Norðanpaunk! You may argue that Iceland’s best non-profit underground music festival is still a long way off, but you would be mistaken my friend, because the first step is fundraising. Since its inception, the regular pre-Norðanpaunk Krossfest shows have been crucial for making each edition of the festival happen and their first one of the year is a doozy. We’ve got SLOR, NORN, Svartþoka, DauÐnafn and something mysterious called Ramen x Blandípoka. Sounds delicious! Go get ready for the best punk party of the year with some of the best punks in town. RX

Moonstone Tattoo Valentines Flash Weekend

Saturday February 10 — Monday February 12 — Moonstone Tattoo Reykjavík 

Have you ever considered getting a matching tattoo with your partner, sibling, neighbour, or even a stranger? There’s probably no better day for decisions you might regret than Valentine’s Day. When love is everywhere and makes you sick, Moonstone Tattoo Reykjavík, Goodboygunnar, and Skarphéðinn Smárason have teamed up to offer you 100 unique matching tattoo designs. These designs are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. IZ


Saturday February 10 — 20:00 — Mengi — 2.500 ISK

In the grand debate of what to do on a Saturday night, let’s be honest — all roads inevitably lead to Mengi. Saturday night will feature a performance by electronic musician Kraftgalli with both brand-new material and reworking of older works. Take our word this is the place for quality Icelandic music. Works seamlessly for solo nights out, group hangs, and first dates. IZ

Earth Layers

Until February 18 — SÍM Gallery Hafnarstræti — Free

We live in a land where the layers of the earth are never too far from view. One needs only look across the bay at Esja to see the geological ridges of time. The artists in the group exhibition Earth Layers use the critical aspect of time as an element of their works made from found raw materials such as bog iron, Berunesclay from the Eastfjords, glacial clay from Svínafellsjökull. Together, Antonía Berg, Íris María Leifsdóttir, and Sarah Finkle explore transformation of body to nature to phenomenon, capturing something essential within the layers. RX

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