From Iceland — Track By Track: The Light By Eydís Evensen

Track By Track: The Light By Eydís Evensen

Published August 26, 2023

Track By Track: The Light By Eydís Evensen
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Eydís Evensen’s album The Light contrast luminous emotions with darkness

Eydís Evensen’s sophomore album was released May 25. The sequence of compositions moves through bright and dark emotions, finally resolving in a final beam of light. We sat down with Eydís who told us about her newest album, track by track. 

Anna’s Theme

My first record included a piece for my nephew, Mikael. “Anna’s Theme” is a piece devoted to my 13-year old niece. She’s an incredibly pure soul and gives a lot. She’s always smiling and laughing.

Light II

This is my first choir piece. I have always written poems and “The Light II” started out as a poetry fragment. I suddenly started hearing notes to the poem. It’s a gateway to hope. When I heard it in the studio for the first time, I just started crying.

There’s always light at the end of the tunnel.  


I wrote this piece on the title date. There had been a harsh storm, and I was working on my EP Frost at the time. It’s an ode to winter.


This is dedicated to the positive things in life. I had realised what love really is, and how being happy gave me peace. There’s also a certain psychology tied to it, because the piece calmed me.


Even though you are happy and in love, there’s always a twist in things. I originally wrote “Disturbance” in New York in 2019. Things can fall into place, but also be challenging at the same time. Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom to find our light.


I have been practising transcendental meditation. As a practitioner, you get your own personal mantra – a particular interval which you carry within you. This is about transcending towards the light. So my interval is hidden in the piece, but I won’t say what that interval is.

Tephra Horizon

This piece is inspired by the recent eruptions. I managed to see the Fagradalsfjall eruption in 2021 and became mesmerised, completely obsessed by this beautiful eruption.


The title references my emotional state when I wrote it, which I did at my parent’s place when I stayed there briefly. I hadn’t composed anything at my parents’ house since I was 19-years old.

Near ending

This is probably my most honest composition on the album. I recorded this in one take. I wrote this in my hometown Blönduós last year and just wanted to keep it as free and honest as possible. The composition connects to a personal trauma, but even though something is difficult, it’s going to be ok. We all go through our lows.

Full Circle

The third and final composition I wrote in Blönduós, I experienced a full circle moment, being back after all this time. Again, this connects to a personal trauma and I gained a new perspective on that experience. There’s a glint of hope for the things to come.

Dreaming of Light

This is the second to last song on the album because “The Light II” is the second piece. I sang for the first time, which was scary but giving. The dream of light is looking towards the future. Somehow, things don’t always seem like the ending.


I went through a personal resolution going through these compositions. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. The first draft came in 2018, and wanted it to be a totally different project. It’s about seeing the light in everything.


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